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Our Mission Statement

World-class cars deserve nothing but world-class service and for no vehicle is that truer than Porsche. Iconic for decades, Porsche has been consistently delivering high quality cars with superior performance across models like sports cars and SUVs to give drivers of all preferences a luxury car they can count on. When it comes to maintaining such an iconic vehicle, basic every day services simply do not cut it. The specialists at Santa Barbara Autowerks have been provided dealership quality service and repair work at an affordable price for years and have the track record to prove it. The number one German auto repair center for drivers in Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas we make sure that your car gets the work that it needs and you get your car returned to you with minimal delays.

The Service A Porsche Needs

Our mechanics have been tending to Porsche vehicles for years and have the experience for everything from renovating a classic Porsche to new condition or making sure your current model gets the routine services it needs. Some of the Porsche services our specialists perform include:

Why Choose Santa Barbara Autowerks

We’ve heard far too often about the negatives of visiting other service centers or dealerships and we strive to offer an all-around better experience. Whether it is the price, the quality of the work your vehicle receives or the customer service of our friendly staff, your car and your visit are our top priority. We also offer a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty on all qualifying parts and repairs which means you can drive with confidence of knowing that costly repeat visits are a thing of the past. For drivers in Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito and Ventura, CA looking for superior German auto repair simply call us and schedule an appointment with one of our Porsche specialists today. See what sets us apart from the rest and make sure your car gets the repairs and maintenance that it needs.

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