• Car Outside Home

    Importance of Having a Vehicle During A Pandemic

    04 Apr, 20

    * The Blog Post is originally written by David Gersh in German Repair Shop Marketing.

    Right now, many find themselves at home for long periods of time in quarantine

  • Car Tires

    Things to Know About Tire & Wheel Assembly, Rotation, and Balance

    24 Jun, 19

    Your wheels are your car’s connection to the road. They determine your vehicle’s traction, how you take your turns, and even contribute to how much gas you use. Wheels …

  • Car Fuse Check

    Why Aren’t All Car Fuses Made of Aluminum?

    19 Dec, 18

    Your car has several fuses that allow all its features and components to work properly. A fuse is an electrical safety device that is designed to provide protection from over …

  • Car Fueling

    How Does a Fuel Pressure Regulator Work?

    02 Dec, 18

    You might not have heard the term fuel pressure regulator, but as an imperative component of any EFI system, your vehicle will not operate without it. The fuel …

  • Upset Woman Driver

    Why do Car Engines Sputter at Low Speeds?

    13 Oct, 18

    If you have ever driven a manual transmission vehicle, you know the different sounds that the engine makes concerning how much gas you are giving it. There is often a …

  • Car Wheel Bearings

    The Importance of Your Car’s Wheel Bearings

    28 Apr, 18

    Auto mechanics all over the country take advantage of the public’s limited knowledge about automotive mechanics and engineering. Many drivers assume that their mechanic knows more about the subject of …

  • Flat Car Tire Repair

    Easy Tips to Repair a Flat Tire

    02 Jan, 18

    It isn’t easy keeping up with auto maintenance, and sometimes even despite our best efforts, we still wind up on the side of the road broken down. One of …

  • Car Battery Change

    Signs That You Need to Replace Your Car’s Battery

    27 Oct, 17

    Because all cars rely on a complex system of inter-working parts to function properly, all cars experience issues with various components at one point or another. Symptoms of car issues

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