• Porsche Engine Overheat

    Proper Care for Porsche Broken Head Bolts in Santa Barbara

    12 Jan, 20

    Head bolts hold the head gasket of your Porsche’s engine in place. When one of these essential bolts becomes loose or broken, it can lead to head gasket failure

  • Porsche Leaking Thermostat Housing Effects

    Indicators of a Thermostat Housing Leak in Your Porsche

    09 Dec, 19

    The Porsche is one of the most widely-admired pieces of German engineering and is known around the world as a high-performance car made by one of the most reliable automotive …

  • Porsche Problematic Brakes

    Does Your Porsche Have Problematic Brakes in Santa Barbara?

    12 Aug, 19

    As the proud owner of a Porsche, you understand their commitment to performance, design, and comfort. These vehicles are among the most luxurious in the world, and while they …

  • Porsche Ball Joint Failure

    Porsche Ball Joint Failure in Santa Barbara

    17 Apr, 19

    When we think of possible mechanical issues in regards to our vehicles, we often think of the parts under the hood. However, there are a variety of other vital components …

  • Porsche Transmission Valve Body

    How Does Transmission Valve Body Failure Affect Porsches?

    22 Jan, 19

    The transmission valve body is a part of the transmission system of a car that controls the transmission fluid and directs it into valves to keep the gears functioning smoothly. …

  • Porsche Ignition Turnkey

    Tips to Fix the Ignition Lock Issues in Your Porsche

    05 Jan, 19

    The Porsche is a world-renowned luxury vehicle with a rich history and cult following. The Porsche is known for their quality and their performance. They have been able to create …

  • Porsche 718 Cayman

    Air-Oil Separator Failure in Your Porsche

    15 Nov, 18

    Porsches are finely engineered vehicles. If you have one of these quality cars, you know that they are dependable and can provide you with years of service. However, just as …

  • Porsche Clutch Pedal Pressed

    Why Does the Clutch Release Mechanism Fail in Porsches?

    30 Oct, 18

    While it is a convenience having an automatic transmission in a car, there is a particular joy that you only have while driving a manual transmission with a powerful motor. …

  • Porsche Engine Coolant

    Issues with Plastic Coolant Pipe in Porsche Cars

    10 Jul, 18

    What does the plastic coolant pipe do for your Porsche?

    Your Porsche’s cooling system is a critical component of your vehicle, as it is responsible for keeping the engine’s temperature …

  • Man Checking Porsche AC

    Symptoms of a Failed Climate Control Module in Porsche

    13 May, 18

    Today’s cars aren’t made with the same value of technology; as advancements in recent decades have developed, it’s allowed for vehicle functioning to become streamlined and highly sophisticated. This couldn’t …

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