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Tips to Fix the Ignition Lock Issues in Your Porsche

05 Jan, 19

The Porsche is a world-renowned luxury vehicle with a rich history and cult following. The Porsche is known for their quality and their performance. They have been able to create vehicles that are not only reliable and practical, but also stylish. This is why the company has been able to maintain deeply dedicated followers.

Though the company emphasizes practicality and reliability, the vehicles may still have some issues. One issue that Porsche owners have complained about over the years is a failure of the ignition lock. Even though it’s a simple part, it is a rather important one, and when it does not properly function, it can be quite irritating.

Ignition Lock Assembly in the Porsche

The components that make up the ignition lock assembly are very few, but they are parts that are subject to failure. Over time the parts to the ignition lock may wear out and will need to be replaced. There are certainly signs that will indicate a possible failure, but it is recommended that you deal with the issue before it happens, which can save you a ton of frustration and headaches. Unfortunately, most Porsche owners report that a failure or malfunction with the components in the ignition lock will occur much before the required service on the system.

The turnkey of the ignition is what begins to fail when your ignition lock starts to go. It is the part of your vehicle where you insert your key and turn so that your engine will turn on. This is how the ignition process in the Porsche, and in most cars is started. If this part fails, it will likely mean that you will have a tough time turning on your car.

What Are Common Symptoms of a Failing Ignition Lock?

There definitely are symptoms that will indicate when your ignition lock assembly is starting to fail. It is just a matter of noticing them before the problem gets worse and then you can’t start your vehicle. By knowing what signs you need to look for, you will be able to know at which point you need to take your car in for maintenance.

When you turn the key in the ignition, there are a series a clicks that represent different actions that your car can perform. If you begin to notice that the “clicks” are less and less apparent, or the different functions are not being performed, then you will likely want to have your car looked at. Another common issue is trouble with your vehicle starting. This is probably the most obvious indicator of a faulty ignition lock assembly. Finally, if you find yourself struggling to insert or remove the key from the ignition lock, this would be a good time to get the issue diagnosed.

As previously mentioned, these issues are a result of wear on the ignition lock, yet some ignition assemblies may wear out faster than expected or alleged by Porsche. So it is important to keep an eye out and pay attention to these simple signs that could indicate a problem with your vehicle’s ignition lock assembly. Generally, this type of issue is common in older vehicles, but knowing what you need to look out for may save you trouble down the road.

Porsche 911 GT3

How We Can Help

Here at Santa Barbara Autowerks, we can help both identify and repair any issue you may be experiencing with your Porsche’s ignition lock assembly. We recognize how frustrating it can be to deal with an ignition lock issue and our technicians are trained to deal with this precise issue. Our mechanics work with our customers to find the problem and then work with you in order to determine the best course of action for repairs.

We are primarily convenient to the residents of Santa Barbara, CA and are committed to providing quality and honest services that will allow for your vehicle to drive and function better. We highly recommend that our clients have preventative maintenance, which will help various issues present themselves early so that they will be easy to deal with. If you would like to schedule an appointment or would like to learn more about the services we offer, please visit our website or call our office for more information.

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