• Volkswagen Winter Maintenance Tips

    Winter Maintenance Tips by the Pros of Santa Barbara for Your VW

    07 Jun, 22

    For many years, Volkswagen has been a major European automotive manufacturer, continually introducing innovative technology into its models. Despite being a leading car brand in the automotive industry, Volkswagen can

  • Audi EGR Valve

    When to Replace Your Audi’s EGR Valve

    05 Feb, 18

    If you drive an Audi, then chances are you already know how privileged you are to drive such a fine machine. They are built to meet strict standards of …

  • Frozen BMW

    How Winter Can Take a Toll on Your BMW

    27 Nov, 17

    Although BMWs are designed for endurance, no matter the outdoor conditions, they can still suffer after rough winter months. Cold temperatures certainly take a toll on all vehicles, and if …

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