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When to Replace Your Audi’s EGR Valve

05 Feb, 18

If you drive an Audi, then chances are you already know how privileged you are to drive such a fine machine. They are built to meet strict standards of endurance, durability, performance, and luxury—who wouldn’t enjoy that? However, just as important as the quality of engineering and design is the care that you provide for your Audi once the steering wheel is in your hands. Since these vehicles are complex and made up of many systems and parts working together to create an optimal driving experience, the ongoing care and maintenance must match the high level of meticulousness that was initially put into its design.

Automotive jargon can be confusing, but it’s important to have a little background information on the vehicle you drive so that you can avoid being taken advantage of by shady automotive shops. One of the parts that Audi drivers might need to replace over time is the EGR valve—it’s malfunction or failure can greatly impact your car’s performance. Since many drivers aren’t familiar with this part or what it does, we thought it was important to provide some basic information about it.

What is an EGR valve?

EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation. It’s function is to extract a small percentage of the exhaust that your Audi emits to utilize in the combustion process. This modifies the chemical makeup of the air that is circulated in your engine. Not only does this help reduce harmful emissions, but it also helps to enhance your fuel efficiency. Depending on the type of car you drive, your EGR valve could be electronic or manual, and they will likely differ in price and function.

How does an EGR valve benefit your Audi when working properly?

As mentioned before, a well-functioning EGR valve contributes to emission control in your Audi. It helps to regulate the temperature of your engine, which overall reduces the types of destructive gasses that exit your exhaust system. Furthermore, it can retain your engine’s power—which is especially important for Audi drivers. Lastly, it increases the longevity of your engine by keeping it’s overall running temperature at the optimal level.

Signs and symptoms of a failing EGR valve

The signs of a failing EGR valve tend to look a lot like the symptoms of other issues; therefore, it is critical to take your Audi to an Audi specialist for an accurate diagnostic procedure. If your EGR valve is failing, you might notice symptoms such as: engine knocking, rough running and idling, engine misfire, or even issues starting your car all together. Of course, these symptoms are concerning and require that you bring your Audi in for inspection immediately—it could become dangerous to drive under such conditions, and at the very least, they render your Audi unreliable.

How to know when to replace your EGR valve

The best way to know whether you should replace your EGR valve or not is to refer to your owner’s manual for the Audi scheduled maintenance plan. This guideline for part replacements and maintenance procedures is based on the average Audi driver’s driving habits. It’s important to consult with your Audi specialist to determine if the maintenance plan suits your vehicle’s needs appropriately. If a problem arises, your Audi’s computer or ECU (engine control unit) should notify you to bring your car in to be serviced. The automotive technician will read the codes emitted by your car’s ECU and determine if the EGR valve is the source of the problem.

Audi at Service Center

Why it’s critical to hire an Audi specialist for the job

Here at Santa Barbara Autowerks, located in beautiful southern California, we have seen a wide range of Audi clients driving up and down the coast. Unfortunately, this is a prime area for breakdowns and car issues. We aim to help clients in the community obtain affordable maintenance and repair services for their vehicles without sacrificing all of the money in their banks. We know that driving an Audi comes with a price tag, and we’re familiar with the way other automotive shops and dealerships tend to run their businesses—often with a lack of honesty and integrity. We are German-engineering specialists, and we take pride in our work. If you are experiencing concerning symptoms in your Audi, please contact us today to schedule an inspection, or simply drop by to meet our friendly staff. We look forward to helping restore your Audi driving experience.

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