• MINI Idler Pulley

    Causes and Effects of Idler Pulley Failure on Your MINI

    17 Sep, 20

    MINI Coopers are fun to drive and customize to fit your personality. They are reliable vehicles that can run for years if they receive proper care. Their iconic design makes …

  • MINI White Engine Smoke

    How to Deal with Excessive Engine Smoke from Your Mini in Santa Barbara

    27 Jun, 20

    If smoke is coming from the engine bay of your Mini, your car is already in critical condition. You may have ignored warning signs and routine maintenance, or this …

  • Mini Cooper Clutch Failure

    Effects of a Failing Clutch in a Mini Cooper

    08 Apr, 20

    Your Mini Cooper serves you well with its dynamic design and customizable features. It is important to you that every aspect of your Mini Cooper be working efficiently and in …

  • MINI Spark Plug

    How to Repair Your MINI’s Spark Plug in Santa Barbara

    19 Oct, 19

    MINIs put the fun into driving without compromising on quality or performance. They’re reliable small cars that, with the correct care, seldom let their drivers down. However, without proper maintenance …

  • MINI Bad Timing Chain

    Signs of a Bad Timing Chain in Your Mini

    15 Sep, 19

    Minis are colorful cars with an equally-colorful history. Compact and functional, yet still quite spacious and fun, a Mini is a perfect car no matter your age. However, with time, …

  • MINI Head Gasket

    When Should You Replace the Head Gasket in your MINI

    14 Mar, 19

    The head gasket plays a very important role in the engine of the car. It is strategically placed in between the engine block and the cylinder heads within the combustion …

  • MINI Starting Issue

    Reasons Behind Your Mini Failing to Start

    26 Sep, 18

    When purchasing a Mini, the very least of your expectations is that the vehicle will start, especially considering that the European powerhouse is known for quality performance. Unfortunately, Mini …

  • MINI Air Intake System

    Tips to Maintain the Air Intake System for Your Mini Cooper in Summer

    28 May, 18

    The MINI brand is a pioneer in revolutionizing how cars perform. Their engines are versatile, which allows average drivers and enthusiasts alike to appreciate their cars. If you own a …

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