Mini Cooper Slow To Start

Problems Caused By Your Mini Cooper’s Weak Battery

25 Jul, 22

Mini Cooper is a well-known luxury car with a powerful engine. Your Mini Cooper has a number of systems that contribute to the smooth operation and performance of the vehicle. Your Mini’s battery is responsible for supplying the necessary charge that other electrical systems need to function properly. However, drivers sometimes complain about issues caused by a weak battery in their Mini. Let’s take a deep dive to learn about the issues that a faulty battery can cause.

A battery will usually degrade slowly and with some warning. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, if an internal malfunction occurs as a result of a defective cell, it could lead to your Mini’s battery dying without a warning sign and your car will require a jump to start it. However, when your Mini’s battery dies, as they will all do eventually, the following signs are generally noticed.

Slow To Start

One of the signs of a weak battery in your Mini is when the vehicle takes longer to start. If the engine cranks or makes a dull whirring sound for a longer period of time than it usually does before starting, then it means that the battery needs to be checked. Call a trained mechanic to inspect your car to determine if the problem is a weak battery or something else.

Clicks Or Cranks

When you hear a long crank sound or a series of clicks under the hood after turning the key, and your Mini still does not start, then it means your car likely has a battery problem. If the problem is with your battery, then you can jump-start it and continue your trip— but this time, it should be a trip to the nearest technician to get your battery inspected.

If you decide to jump-start your vehicle and all you hear is a click, the problem might not be a weak battery. Sometimes starters can function erratically for a while before finally falling, so turning the key repeatedly might help you to find out. A starter may start after four to six attempts, but a drained battery will not.

Dash Lights Work, But Car Won’t Start

In this case, your battery is probably strong enough to power the electrical components but maybe not strong enough to fully activate the starter. In that case, jump-starting your vehicle can give enough cold cranking amps to get the job done.

Regular Jump Start

Remember how you always had to frequently charge the battery of your old phone? The batteries in your Mini are no exception; as they age, they tend to lose their ability to hold a charge for long. If your old battery refuses to hold a charge, it’s definitely time for a replacement.

But what if your battery is new and still needs a jump start? In this case, there could be a number of possibilities. The first is that your battery is rapidly depleting. Less often, an electrical component in the vehicle may draw a current long after the engine is turned off. Many sensors function in this manner by design, but they do not consume enough power to deplete the battery. When a device, such as a light bulb or radio, remains on when it should not, your battery will most likely be dead before you come back to your car in the morning.

Heavy Corrosion

When last did you check the status of your battery? If your Mini’s engine is slow when you turn the key, open the hood and inspect the battery. If you notice blue corrosion at the positive terminal, then your battery is either leaking battery acid or emitting acidic vapors. Both situations cause resistance in the battery, lowering the voltage and, as a result, the efficiency.

You may clean your battery and possibly observe an improvement in performance, but keep in mind that this is only a temporary repair because the rust will return. Many specialists would recommend replacing the battery, as well as the positive terminal end if it is highly corroded.

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