Volkswagen Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter Maintenance Tips by the Pros of Santa Barbara for Your VW

07 Jun, 22

For many years, Volkswagen has been a major European automotive manufacturer, continually introducing innovative technology into its models. Despite being a leading car brand in the automotive industry, Volkswagen can be vulnerable to winter if proper preventive measures are not taken.

When severe winter storms strike the region, millions of people might lose electricity or rely on public transit. At this time of the year, you want to make sure that your car is prepared for anything Mother Nature has in store for you!

Whether you are planning a car trip to a colder climate area or simply want to be geared up for next winter, we’ve developed a list of crucial items to look for while winterizing your Volkswagen car. Here are some tips to keep at your fingertip.

  • Check Your Tires: During the winter season, you want to be sure that your Volkswagen tires are at their best. The easiest way to achieve this is to ensure that they are properly inflated and have adequate tread left. If you observe a leak in any of your tires and can’t keep it inflated, or if you notice that the tread has worn out, it is better to have them replaced at a local auto repair center If you want to drive in severe snow, you could upgrade to snow tires.
  • Battery: Freezing temperatures can make the batteries of your car degrade, making it more difficult to start the engine! We recommend that you let a professional mechanic do a battery health test before the winter begins. Even if your battery starts your Volkswagen perfectly in the summer, it may not be equal to the task during sub zero conditions. A battery health test will tell you if your battery is fit or if it is time to replace it.
  • Brakes: Your vehicle’s brakes have always been one of the most important safety elements, and this is especially true in the winter! Wet or slippery roadways might cause you to skid and extend braking distances. It is recommended that you examine your brake system to ensure that your brake pads are in excellent condition. If they need to be changed, make use of authentic OEM replacement pads to ensure longevity, smoothest operation, and most dependable braking performance.
  • Windshield Wipers: If your wiper blades are streaking, spreading, or clattering across the windshield, get them serviced or replaced. Wiper blades are necessary for maintaining vision in snowy weather.
  • Washer Fluid for Windshields: Not every windshield washer fluid is suitable for use in winter conditions. Some washing fluid may freeze in subzero temperatures. Check to see if your vehicle has cold-weather washer fluid that will not freeze in the hoses.
  • HVAC System: Before venturing out in the cold, get your car’s heating system serviced. The heater in your Volkswagen does more than just keep you warm and comfortable in the cabin, it also powers the defroster, which helps clear fog and ice from your windshield so that you can see while driving. Driving in the snow without a functional heater is not only inconvenient, but it may also be dangerous!
  • Antifreeze and Engine Coolant: Most current engine coolants (also known as antifreeze) are designed for temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. However, you must ensure that your engine is properly filled with coolant, since certain low-cost coolant fluids may freeze in chilly conditions, causing the car to seize. This has the potential to cause severe engine damage.
  • Windshield: Small cracks in your Volkswagens windshield might expand over time as a result of winter weather. As the temperature drops, the glass contracts, transforming a little chip into a big break that might obstruct your vision. Repair windshield chips as soon as possible, or be prepared to have the entire windshield replaced for optimal vision.
  • Kit for Roadside Safety: If anything goes wrong with your car and you become trapped in a snowstorm, you must ensure that your emergency kits are intact and it has some warm weather supplies. Some of the things you should have are a thermal blanket and gloves for warmth, an ice scraper for removing ice and snow from the glass, and a bag of salt in case your car becomes trapped in the snow.

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As a car owner, you need to be prepared ahead of the winter season. If you follow some of the tips Volkswagen Battery Test mentioned above, you should be ready for the winter. We however recommend that you take your Volkswagen to a qualified mechanic so that they can help you ensure everything is in check. Doing this yourself might not be effective because you might not know everything that needs to be put in place.

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