Porsche Problematic Brakes

Does Your Porsche Have Problematic Brakes in Santa Barbara?

12 Aug, 19

As the proud owner of a Porsche, you understand their commitment to performance, design, and comfort. These vehicles are among the most luxurious in the world, and while they utilize top notch engineering, they are not free from breakdowns or mechanical issues. In order to keep your vehicle running and performing at its best, you should always take your car for regularly scheduled maintenance.

The brake system in your Porsche is precisely designed for the style, model, and weight consideration of each vehicle. While regular inspection of the brakes will normally keep them in optimal condition, occasionally, they can experience problems. This can be quite serious, as it can affect the overall operation and safety of your automobile. Such issues need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Most Common Brake Problem in Porsche

One of the most common issues with the brakes is warping of the rotors. The brakes on your Porsche are designed with the material minimized in consideration with the weight. Therefore, the rotors are more susceptible to damage from heat. The rotors are made from material that is extremely thin, so when imperfections arise or the rotor becomes warped, they can not be machined to correct these flaws.

The brakes in these models are very sensitive to rough terrain and harsh driving conditions as well. This makes them easier to suffer from malfunctions due to normal wear and tear. Like any vehicle, there are times when the brake pads must be addressed. However, when the pads are replaced on the disc brakes of a Porsche, the rotors must always be replaced too. Issue with the braking system is reported as the most common problem with this line of automobiles.

Signs of a Potential Brake Problems

Let’s look at the signs you can identify for brake problems in your Porsche.

  • Leaking of brake fluid. You should routinely check your Porsche for signs of a brake fluid leak. Visually, you would notice leaking fluid along the hoses or at the fitting, cylinders, or calipers. Such an issue must be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Scoring or excessive wear of the rotors. Periodically, you can check the rotors for signs of warpage or wear. If you see concentric or circular grooves on the rotors, they need to be replaced before they lead to brake failure.
  • Uneven Wear of the Brake Pads. Brake pad wear will coincide with the condition of the rotors. However, if there are defects, cracks, or excessive damage to the surface of the pads, everything should be replaced immediately.

There are ways to extend the life of the brakes on your automobile. Check your hydraulic fluid at least every 6 months to ensure proper levels. Wash and clean your brake surfaces when you wash your vehicle. This makes visual inspections much easier. Keep a detailed and up-to-date maintenance log so you can anticipate when braking components need to be serviced or replaced.

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Porsche Brake Problem Fix

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