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Symptoms of a Failed Climate Control Module in Porsche

13 May, 18

Today’s cars aren’t made with the same value of technology; as advancements in recent decades have developed, it’s allowed for vehicle functioning to become streamlined and highly sophisticated. This couldn’t be any truer for luxury vehicles like Porsche. Porsche cars have been known for their high level of sophistication since their invention; however, with the addition of technology, their performance and luxury has become unrivaled by other automobiles.

Unfortunately, although the process of technological evolution has brought exciting new changes to vehicular performance ability, these systems also come with a different degree of maintenance. One such issue that is common in various Porsche cars is failure of the climate control module. As the seasons throughout the year progress, your failed climate control unit can turn your luxury Porsche into a dreaded and uncomfortable experience. In this blog, we’ll talk about the basic function of the climate control module and what you can expect when it begins to fail.

What the Climate Control Module Does for Your Porsche

Your Porsche is equipped with various control modules that perform different functions for your car. For instance, the powertrain control module helps regulate engine function. In basic terms, the climate control module, unit, or computer, does exactly what it sounds like—it monitors and controls the climate inside the cabin of your vehicle. Fitted with many different pieces, sensors, and technological components, it detects the temperature within and outside of the car to best control the cabin temperature.

Symptoms of a Failed Climate Control Module

As opposed to many other systems of your car, the climate control system is easier to detect issues in. Issues with climate control in your Porsche can be due to a number of different problems; however, a Porsche specialist will be able to determine right away if the problem is related to the control module. These are the warning signs to look for:

Inconsistent Air Flow

If the climate control module begins failing, you might notice a difference in how the airflow enters the cabin. If all of your vents are open, but you notice that some vents are dispersing air less efficiently than others, then the issue could be traced back to the control module.

Problems Reaching Desired Temperature

On those hot summer days, it can be especially inconvenient without proper air conditioning inside your Porsche’s cabin. Another sign that the climate control module isn’t working properly is an issue retaining or reaching the desired temperature. In other words, the cold air simply isn’t as cool as it should be.

Possible Causes of Failure

There are several reasons why you might experience the aforementioned symptoms, so it’s important to obtain an accurate diagnosis first. If the problem is in fact related to the climate control module, then the problem could have started due to one of the following issues:

Needs Software Update

As we mentioned before, your Porsche is a highly sophisticated machine that is ran by computer programming and technology. Just like any other computer, the climate control module may require updating as time goes on and the Porsche manufacturer addresses common issues and bugs related to the climate control unit.

Electrical Issues

While the problem might not be due to the computer itself, the various electrical components like sensors and wiring can become faulty, leading to a feigned failure of the climate control module. These issues can be tricky to diagnose, so it’s important to find a Porsche specialist who knows their stuff.

What You Can Do to Fix the Problem

Man Driving Porsche Cayenne We’ve mentioned a few times throughout this blog that it is in your best interest to hire a Porsche specialist to handle any services or repairs—especially when it comes to such issues that are unique to Porsche vehicles. Here at Santa Barbara Autowerks in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA, we know how important it is to have a working vehicle, and to uphold the qualities and standards of luxury brands such as Porsche. Driving down the coast can be hardly enjoyable without the proper climate control inside your cabin, and our Porsche experts can quickly and accurately diagnose and treat the issue so you can have your ride back as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our qualifications, or to schedule an inspection with one of our highly skilled, knowledgeable Porsche technicians.

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