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Why Does the Clutch Release Mechanism Fail in Porsches?

30 Oct, 18

While it is a convenience having an automatic transmission in a car, there is a particular joy that you only have while driving a manual transmission with a powerful motor. That is why there are more manual transmissions sold in luxury model cars than in standard commuting vehicles today. When you begin to experience problems in your manual transmission clutch, it feels like betrayal… being pulled down by one of the very things that set you up above the crowd. Don’t let your clutch get you down.

How Your Clutch Works

Your clutch is a vital part of your Porsche. It engages and disengages your driveshaft and your engine by connecting them together and enabling them to spin at either the same or different speeds. When you push the clutch pedal down, the clutch becomes disengaged, and the engine continues spinning, but your wheels stop turning. Your clutch release is the mechanism that re-engages the engine and driveshaft together after you release the pedal. Without a functioning clutch release mechanism, your Porsche will be unable to engage the wheels to move as powered by the engine. It will seem like your car is stuck in neutral.

Is Your Clutch Release Mechanism Failing?

Most clutches do not fail all at once under natural causes. There are a few signs that you may notice in your Porsche before it fails entirely. First, you may hear noises when your clutch engages or disengages from the engine. It may also make a chattering noise when you attempt to accelerate in your Porsche. The clutch pedal may pulsate, get stuck to the floor, or feel either spongy or difficult to press. Eventually, you will hear a grinding noise when shifting gears and soon you will not be able to shift gears at all.

One simple test you can use to check your clutch release mechanism is to push down the clutch pedal and release it while the car is not running. If it makes a noise inside the transmission either when going down or coming back up, your probably have a failing release mechanism in your Porsche. If the pedal seems loose or spongy to you, there is likely damage to the clutch release mechanism. If it is hard to press down, there may be an issue with the release mechanism as well.

What Causes Clutch Release Mechanism Failure?

The first reason that your release mechanism begins to fail in your clutch is that the lubrication dries up. This is what has occurred when your pedal starts to cause noise when you press it.

Some Porsche models use a hydraulic clutch instead of a mechanical one. These may not make noises when they begin to fail, but you will instead notice the clutch getting harder to press. This may indicate air in the hydraulic line. You should also take note of how far up you have to lift the clutch before the wheels are engaged by the engine. The lower (closer to the floor) the better.

What Can You Do About It?

Your clutch is an absolutely essential part of your Porsche. You can’t drive without it. Once you start noticing sounds or experiencing pedal problems that indicate a clutch release mechanism failure, you need to get it into the repair shop as soon as possible to avoid any safety issues on the road. The sooner you act to address the problem, the safer it will be for you, and the less expensive the repair may cost overall, especially since one damaged part often leads to several other damaged parts as well.

There is a second thing you can do to help prolong the life of your clutch before you get it repaired. When you come to a stop, you can put the car into neutral and release the clutch, giving it a break. This practice may buy you a little extra time with your clutch.

Mechanic Checking Porsche Clutch

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