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Air-Oil Separator Failure in Your Porsche

15 Nov, 18

Porsches are finely engineered vehicles. If you have one of these quality cars, you know that they are dependable and can provide you with years of service. However, just as with any other vehicle, a Porsche can suffer mechanical problems.

One of the problems that you could encounter with your Porsche is air-oil separator failure. You might not have heard of this issue before, since not all cars have an air-oil separator. If you drive a Porsche, you need to know about this part of your vehicle’s mechanics and how to know if it is starting to fail.

This is an issue that should be addressed by an experienced Porsche mechanic, so if you suspect a problem, take it in for immediate repair. The air-oil separator requires a knowledgeable professional to address the issue, so don’t try to take care of the problem yourself.

What is the air-oil separator in a Porsche?

Serving a complex job in your Porsche’s engine, the air-oil separator does just that. It separates air and oil and keeps them from contaminating their respective systems. If air and oil combine, it can change the oil-air ratio, which will not only affect engine performance but also your car’s exhaust system. These systems can suffer serious and lasting damage if your Porsche’s air-oil separator doesn’t work as it should. Here are some signs that the part is failing:

● Dark smoke coming from the exhaust
● Oil leaks underneath your car in its parking spot or on your driveway
● Check engine light illumination

An accurate diagnosis will be necessary to determine if a thorough inspection of the air-oil separator is required. Your vehicle’s computer will be scanned for codes, then based on those codes the mechanic will troubleshoot to get to the root of the problem. You want to make sure the right problem is addressed to prevent further issues. Damage to your motor is a costly repair, and exhaust system repairs add up quickly as well. You don’t want to increase the damage to your vehicle’s mechanics and get stuck with a hefty repair bill. Instead, as soon as you suspect there is any kind of problem at all with your Porsche’s air-oil separator, you should take it in for a thorough diagnosis and the proper repairs.

How A Faulty Air-Oil Separator Impacts Your Porsche

A Porsche is dependent on every single part in it functioning properly. When something goes wrong, it could lead to a chain reaction that can cause more damage and incur more repair costs in the end. The air-oil separator is an important component in air and oil circulation in your Porsche’s engine, so it can affect many other components when it isn’t working as it should. The combustion as well as the exhaust are crucial for your car’s overall performance, even more so if it has a turbocharged engine. If there is a problem with the air-oil separator, it can lead to all those processes being interrupted.

When you drive a Porsche, you expect only the best vehicle performance and reliability. To help ensure your Porsche operates as it should, you need to follow the routine maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle model. You can find the list of maintenance recommendations and the suggested intervals in your vehicle’s owner manual. You can also contact Porsche directly or visit their website for specific information about your vehicle. When you follow the recommended maintenance schedule, you are much less likely to experience vehicle issues like an air-oil separator failure.

Have Porsche Services Handled By A Qualified Automotive Shop

Not all auto repair shops are the same. When you take your Porsche in for service and repair, you want to entrust it to an automotive technician familiar with European vehicles and experienced in handling the advanced engineering and features on your car. If your Porsche is showing signs of air-oil separator failure, you should call your trusted repair shop immediately to schedule an appointment for service.

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Remember, continuing to drive the car with this problem can lead to further damage and worse issues. In Santa Barbara, CA, you can depend on our German master technicians at Santa Barbara Autowerks. Call (805) 966-3200 to schedule your Porsche’s service.

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