Porsche Transmission Valve Body

How Does Transmission Valve Body Failure Affect Porsches?

22 Jan, 19

The transmission valve body is a part of the transmission system of a car that controls the transmission fluid and directs it into valves to keep the gears functioning smoothly. Simply put, this valve body ensures that the pressurized hydraulic fluid is transmitted to the right clutch in order to switch and change gears smoothly as required by the driver.

The Porsche is one of the most outstanding vehicle manufacturers in terms of performance and is therefore a favorite for all speed enthusiasts. Other than speed, Porsche owners get to enjoy smooth transitions in between gears as well as proper handling on the road. However, all of these attractive features are affected by the condition of the transmission valve body. While the engineering of the Porsche is of a high standard, the transmission valve body is often at the center of possible problems.

Causes of Transmission Body Valve Failure

Some of the causes of failure in the transmission valve body include:

Lack of/poor lubrication

Bearing in mind that the transmission valve body is made up of many components that are made of metal, proper lubrication is vital. This lubrication is specifically important for moving parts such as the valves that open and close to allow hydraulic fluid to go through them. When the lubricant used becomes worn out or leaks out, the metal parts of the transmission valve body rub against each other and wear out, causing tiny metal pieces to find their way into the transmission fluid. The effect of this is that the gears may stick and in turn fail to work as required.

Fluid contamination

The transmission fluid is also required to be completely clean and at a very specific pressure. When there is contamination in the fluid caused by dust particles, for instance, the pressure is affected due to the loss of viscosity of the fluid. Once the pressure is affected then the entire transmission system is compromised because it works based on the transfer of pressure throughout the system.

Overall wear and tear of parts

This is the simple major cause of many car problems in general. The more the moving parts a component has, the more likely it is to become worn out and break down. The transmission valve system has several components all of which can be affected by age and cause problems in the overall functions of the valve body.

Effects of Transmission Body Valve Failure

The transmission valve body directly affects the smooth performance of the Porsche and so whenever it develops a problem, the effects will definitely be felt. Some of these effects include:

Slipping gears

This is the scenario where the gears of the car change even when you have not directed them to do so. For instance, if you are accelerating and suddenly the gear shifts and starts to decelerate, chances are that you have a transmission problem. The car accelerating involuntarily is also a sign that you may not be in full control of the transmission system.

Delayed responses

Normally the transmission system makes it possible for the car to accelerate or decelerate as soon as you issue the command. When the car takes a moment to switch to the gear that you need after you have issued the command, then you have a transmission problem. This delay is sometimes characterized by a jerking movement before the car picks up speed for instance.

Unusual noises

When the cause of the transmission valve body failure is breakdown in the parts, it is probable that you’ll hear abnormal noises from your car. These noises mostly come from bad valves knocking against other parts. These noises are more pronounced when reversing or changing gears.

What To Do

If you experience any of these symptoms in your Porsche, you should endeavor to seek help from a qualified auto technician. Delaying the visit to the repair shop will only compound a problem that would have otherwise might have been as easy to fix as replacing a simple part.

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