Volkswagen Engine Oil Leak

Causes for Oil leaks from the Engine of Your Volkswagen

12 Jun, 20

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your VW’s engine. It is needed to prevent moving parts from seizing up. Oil provides vital lubrication to safeguard components from premature wear. It also helps to reduce engine temperatures by limiting the amount of friction caused by parts moving against one another.

Put simply, you want your engine oil to circulate throughout your engine and it’s parts without leaks. Oil leaks should be viewed as a serious concern, as without oil, your Volkswagen’s engine is in serious jeopardy. Because of this, in this article, we’ll be running through the most common causes of oil leaks and also discuss what to do to prevent this issue from happening.

Common Causes of Oil Leaks

The following are the most common reasons why your Volkswagen may start to leak oil:

Oil Gasket Wear

The oil gasket is a component used to seal conjoined parts inside your engine. Gaskets help to prevent the various fluids of your car from mixing as well as keep fluids where they are meant to be. Over time, the oil gasket can break down and allow the oil to seep out of the system.

Oil Pan Damage

The oil pan is found underneath your Volkswagen, meaning it can come into contact with rocks and other debris commonly found on roads. When driving, particularly on dirt roads, rocks and stones can impact the oil pan, causing damage. While the damage caused may be small dents, over time, these dents can form holes which oil can seep through. The easiest way to diagnose a damaged oil pan is to look out for spots of oil on the ground below your VW when it has been parked for a while.

Worn Out Oil Drain Plug

When your Volkwagen’s oil is changed, the old oil is drained out via the drain plug. When changing your oil, if the cap isn’t resecured, it will allow the oil to leak out of the plug. If your plug is defective or no longer able to hold a seal, then you’ll notice a similar scenario. The plug may also be damaged by road debris too.

Bad Installation

Amature repairs and tuneups to your VW almost always result in more damage. Factors such as poorly-fitted or over-tightened gaskets or a damaged oil filter are all reasons why you may notice an oil leak.

Loose Oil Filler Cap

All drivers know that keeping your oil levels topped up is a great way to maintain your vehicle. However, not ensuring the oil filler cap is secure is a leading reason why drivers experience oil leaks. This problem is easy to fix. Simply secure the cap and remember to do so next time around.

Oil Filter

If you notice that your VW starts to leak oil after an oil change, you’ll need to make sure that the oil filter isn’t damaged and that it has been correctly installed. If there are gaps around the oil filter, then oil will be able to flow freely through it, leading to leaks and oil contamination.

Overfilling your Oil

As mentioned, it’s great to top up your oil regularly, but don’t exceed the fill line! This can allow the oil to escape out through the oil filler cap, especially if it hasn’t been correctly tightened. This can result in oil getting all over the inside of your engine, which can cause other problems.

Additive Buildup

Traditional engine oil had a much shorter life span and formed sludge inside the engine, which was difficult to clean and could block oil flow resulting in more severe engine issues. To help prevent this, modern oil now has additives, such as solvents and detergents which help keep the engine system clean. However, sometimes after an oil change, these additives can work overtime and clean away oil-gunk which was sealing a small leak. When the sludge is cleared, oil can seep out of the previously-undetected leak.

Volkswagen Engine Oil Filling

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