Audi Oil Leak

Common Causes of Oil Leaks in Audis

09 Sep, 18

The Audi vehicle is one of the most luxurious yet performance-focused cars on the market. Their sporty appeal mixed with state-of-the-art operating functions create a brand like no other. Since these cars are designed with premium mechanics, it is disheartening when simple malfunctions impact the way the Audi drives. One of these simple obstacles is an oil leak. Every car will experience a leak every once in a while. Unfortunately, not properly addressing this issue can lead to serious complications in your car’s performance.

How to Determine an Oil Leak

Once of the most obvious signs of an oil leak is when your car leaves a puddle of oil underneath it after you pull off. This may be the first sign of a problem for Audi owners, and may cause some concern, as it signals a possible malfunction inside the engine.

Other signs of possible leaks are smelly fumes emanating from your car’s engine. The issue with oil leaks is that they are not only hazardous to the environment, but detrimental to the health of your engine. If a leak is left untreated, permanent damage can result. That costly and frustrating situation can be avoided through routine oil changes and regular maintenance by skilled service technicians.

Common Oil Leaks

Degraded engine gaskets and faulty connections are some of the primary reasons a car will leak oil. When this occurs, seals and covers begin to release the oils excreted from your car. Unfortunately, it takes some dirty work to examine the true cause of the vehicle’s leaking problem.

Underneath your Audi are oil pan seals. If these are opened, punctured, or damaged, oil will without a doubt damage your driveway and engine. If this is the root cause of your problem, you may need to replace these seals with new ones. If they are salvageable, an Audi expert will be able to repair them for you. This small act can save you hundreds of dollars in possible engine repair.

Oil Filtration Issues

When oil filters accrue high levels of debris from routine wear and tear, they may need immediate attention. Faulty filtration systems can create constant oil leaks if not taken care of properly. Each time you take your Audi in for servicing, the specialist should either change or check your filter to make sure it is clean and secure.

Oil Drain Plug

The oil pan comes equipped with a special drain plug that works to keep excess oil or debris from penetrating your car. When this plug is incorrectly installed, old, or cracked, there is nothing to keep the excess oil in place. Therefore, the oil just leaks out into your car and even the road. In addition, the oil filler cap has a similar function in keeping the oil in your car in place. If this is broken or ill-fitting, you will experience moderate to severe leaks.

Valve Issues

Gaskets are tricky devices that play a major role in your Audi’s performance. Valve malfunctions are most common in older-model cars or those with high mileage. Gaskets work to hold different parts of the engine together to ensure it operates smoothly. When build up or debris occur, the seals are then compromised.

This wear and tear can result in oil slowly dripping from the inside of your car. This particular issue should be addressed fairly quickly, as the oil is in direct contact with the engine. Should this build-up over time, you may be exposing yourself to a possible fire hazard.

Can You Avoid Oil Leaks?

Audi Q5 on Road Most definitely! Standard oil changes and check-ups are necessary for Audis to perform at their highest potential, and can help identify minor oil leaks before they become major ones. Schedule routine maintenance to make sure that your oil gaskets and engine compartments are working properly. By keeping a close eye on these functions, you are preventing your car from being exposed to further damage.

To make sure your routine maintenance and repairs alike are done well, speak with our experts at Santa Barbara Autowerks. For over 40 years, our team of dedicated professionals have been servicing European made vehicles at dealership standards. Your Audi will receive the best treatment and servicing its ever seen, and you can stop dripping oil all over your garage.

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