Flat Car Tire Repair

Easy Tips to Repair a Flat Tire

02 Jan, 18

It isn’t easy keeping up with auto maintenance, and sometimes even despite our best efforts, we still wind up on the side of the road broken down. One of the most common breakdowns on roadsides is the result of a flat tire. Tires can be punctured by any sort of road debris including nails and bolts. Unfortunately, this can lead to blowouts at high speeds which can be extremely dangerous for the driver and everyone on the road near them. While it’s important to know how to maintain your tires in order to prevent such disasters from occurring, sometimes these instances are inevitable. Therefore, it’s important to know what to do in flat-tire situations and how to best handle them. Here are a few easy tips on how to repair a flat tire, or other scenarios in case repairing isn’t an option.

Patch a Tire

Patching your tire is an option when it is punctured clearly with a nail or bolt. If you have patching materials and tire replacement materials on-hand when the flat tire occurs, then you might be able to patch the hole yourself temporarily at a nearby gas station or service center. Rubber cement is a popular choice for patching tires, and it is extremely convenient and efficient for temporary fixes. First you’ll want to remove the tire (using a jack), remove the nail, and ream the puncture cite, preparing it for the plug and rubber cement. When the hole is prepared, plug it and fill with rubber cement. Allow it to dry for a few minutes. After it dries, fill the tire back up with air and put it back on the car.

Replace a Tire

Often patching a tire isn’t a viable option, for several reasons. However, if you’re able to temporarily replace the tire with a spare to get yourself to an auto shop or to get to the nearest gas station to patch the tire, then this might be your best bet. Many people simply replace the tire with a spare long enough for them to schedule an appointment at their auto shop. In order to apply a spare tire to your car, it’s of course most important to keep tire replacement materials on-hand in your vehicle at all times as a safety precaution. Putting a spare tire on is relatively simple, although many people prefer to call a roadside service—which is a better, safer option if you’re unsure of how to perform the task yourself. Simply remove the tire using a jack, and then put the spare tire securely on. It’s important to do this in a safe place, have the emergency brake on, and keep your hazard lights on.

Call a Roadside Service

Sometimes the best bet is to call that trusty roadside service you paid for to tow you to the nearest, trusted automotive specialist. It isn’t always convenient to patch or replace your own tire, and the tire will need to be replaced eventually as-is. So, it might be best to bypass the hard work all together and leave it to the professionals.

Ongoing Prevention

Again, it isn’t always possible to prevent disasters from happening, although it’s important to try your best. If your tires are kept in good working condition, they may be more resistant to punctures on the road, and they can last a much longer time. Performing ongoing tire rotations, replacements, wheel alignments, and keeping the tires at the optimal air level are all important for the health and longevity of your tires. Tire wear patterns can also tell you a lot about other areas of your car that may need servicing.

Stranded on the Highway

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