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20 Mar, 20

One of the critical pieces of safety technology in Volkswagens and other modern cars is the Anti-lock Braking System, or ABS, which is designed to prevent the car’s wheels from locking up. If the ABS module fails in your car, it can pose a threat to your safety and your VW’s reliability. This article will explain what an ABS module is and what to do if you suspect it is failing.

Understanding the ABS Module

When the brakes are applied fast and hard, the wheels have a chance of seizing up, causing hydroplaning or skidding, which can be dangerous. The anti-lock braking system was designed to prevent this problem. It allows drivers to come to a full and complete stop safely.

The anti-lock braking system is composed of sensors on each wheel and the ABS module. The sensors relay information to the module. The module can be thought of as the “brain” of the ABS technology. The ABS module then adjusts the car’s braking system, hopefully resulting in a safe stop, free of skidding.

Causes of ABS Module Failure

Unfortunately, VWs are susceptible to their ABS module failing, like any other vehicle. Because Volkswagen is aware of this, the manufacturer has put information in their maintenance plan on some precautions to take. Following routine maintenance and the steps outlined by VW can prevent the ABS module from failing, but even this does not entirely prevent the issue from arising.

Signs your VW’s ABS Module isn’t Working Correctly

It’s important to look out for symptoms of a failing ABS module to ensure that the problem is addressed promptly. This will save you money and keep you out of danger. Some warning signs include:

Unresponsive Brake

Sometimes the cause of an unresponsive brake pedal is ABS module failure. In most cases of unresponsive brakes, the problem gradually worsens over time as the brake pedal loses sensitivity. If your VW’s brakes don’t respond when pressed, immediate repairs should be done.

ABS Light Is On

If a light on your VW’s dashboard appears that says ABS, your car is trying to tell you that something isn’t quite right with its anti-lock braking system. This is the most obvious warning sign, but drivers often let dashboard lights go unnoticed.

Your VW’s Brakes Lock Up

The ABS module is supposed to prevent your brakes from seizing when applied with significant force. If you notice your brakes locking up, chances are that your VW’s anti-lock braking system isn’t functioning and should be inspected.

The ABS is Activated Erratically

While the shutdown of the ABS module will result in the loss of anti-lock braking ability, the ABS module may also malfunction, potentially causing the system to be activated unexpectedly, resulting in random pulsation of the brake pedal. Erratic behavior of the ABS could indicate future failure of the system.

What to Do if You Suspect ABS Module Failure In Your VW

If you’ve experienced one or more of the warning signs outlined above, you need to address the problem. First, inspect the issue to confirm that the cause of the symptoms you’ve experienced is a faulty ABS module. This can be done by a trained Volkswagen mechanic. If the ABS module in your VW is found to be the problem, it may be fixed via a reprogramming of the module itself.

If the problem can’t be resolved through reprogramming, the module will have to be replaced. The cost of a new ABS module can be quite high, so it is good to be prepared for this ahead of time.

How Santa Barbara Autowerks Can Help

Santa Barbara Autowerks specializes in the Volkswagen ABS Module Check care and maintenance of German automobiles. We offer world-class repairs at an affordable price. Residents who live near our locations at Goleta, Montecito, and Ventura trust our knowledgeable and experienced staff for handling their Volkswagen automobiles with the utmost care and expertise. We are remembered for our friendly customer service.

Fixing a failed ABS module will often require reprogramming or replacing the module, a task that our certified mechanics have performed for years. At Santa Barbara Autowerks, keeping the residents of Santa Barbara, California safely on the road is our top priority. Call us today.

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