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Expert Repair of a Volkswagen’s Valve Cover Gasket Failure in Santa Barbara

27 Jan, 23

Volkswagen brand is well-known for its high-quality engineering and design that provide its customers with a superior driving experience. The cost and desirability of their cars reflect this and the advanced engineering makes Volkswagen drivers feel confident in their vehicles. However, even the simplest mechanical components and systems require routine maintenance to ensure that the vehicle operates at its best. A valve cover gasket failure is one of the problems you may encounter if you fail to maintain your Volkswagen properly.

The Importance of the Valve Cover Gasket

The valve cover gasket’s role is to protect delicate parts of the Volkswagen’s engine, ensuring that engine oil stays within the designated channels, thereby maximizing the oil flow and overall engine performance.

Your VW’s valve cover gasket is made essentially of pliable materials like cork or hard plastic, which is why they are prone to damage over time, especially under volatile conditions within your car’s engine. As a leak prevention measure, the valve cover gasket is positioned between the cylinder head and the valve cover. Any damage to the valve cover gasket can severely damage your Volkswagen’s performance and worsen over time, so it’s important to protect your VW’s engine if you suspect there is a leaky gasket or engine problem. Let’s look at some of the warning signs below.

How to Detect a Valve Cover Gasket Failure

  • A Misfiring Engine: If your car engine is misfiring, it can indicate a failing valve cover gasket. You may be losing oil due to a failed gasket. If engine oil seeps down into the spark plugs, it will result in an engine misfire.
  • Oil Level is Too Low: If you notice that even after refilling your car with engine oil, the check engine oil light still comes on to inform you of the oil level, it is a sign that your valve cover gasket is damaged, resulting in oil leakage. In such a situation, don’t hesitate to take the car to a certified Volkswagen specialist to diagnose and fix the problem.
  • A Burning Oil Smell: Oil leaking from your valve cover gasket will find its way to the manifold. When dripping to the manifold, the heat from the hot metal burns the engine oil, producing a very strong smell. If you notice the scent of burning oil, make sure to have your VW checked as quickly as possible to prevent costly damage.
  • A Dirty Valve Cover: The engine oil that leaks out of a damaged valve cover gasket could pour over the valve cover, causing it to become sticky, and as such, dirt will stick to your valve cover. A dirty valve cover is a clear sign of a failed valve cover gasket.

Possible Causes of a Valve Cover Gasket Failure

These are some of the reasons behind a failed valve cover in your Volkswagen:

  • Clogged Suction Jet Pumps: A suction jet pump is installed in your Volkswagen to prevent pressure from accumulating within the crankcase, resulting in pressure relief. If the suction jet pump becomes clogged with dirt, there will be no pressure relief, thereby failing the valve cover gasket.
  • Broken Valve Cover: This is another reason for a failed valve cover gasket. Engine oil will escape out of the gasket if the valve cover is cracked or damaged. The valve cover gasket alone can not retain engine oil in the crankcase. All components must work together to prevent leakage or spillage of the engine oil into other delicate engine parts.
  • Damaged Gasket: The volatile conditions within the engine can cause the valve cover gasket to become brittle and eventually crack or become damaged over time. The car engine’s heating up and cooling down are responsible for this. Hence, it is important to always take the car for a routine check-up so that any signs of damage to the gasket will be detected and replaced.

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