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Expert Repair of your Audi’s Faulty Emission System in Santa Barbara

03 Oct, 20

Dealing with a faulty emission system in your Audi is never something that a high-end car driver wants to face. We buy these redefining vehicles to get that feeling of pride and comfort while on the road, not to stress about repairs.

However, emissions problems are an important issue that should be handled as soon as possible. Ignoring a damaged emission system can cause problems for you, the environment, and your vehicle.

Keeping these dynamic vehicles healthy is our duty as Audi drivers. These cars were made to show up and show out, not be stuck in a garage due to negligence. Car malfunctions, like a troubled emission system in your Audi, can be a pain. However, at Santa Barbara Autowerks, we can fix your faulty emission system quickly and get you and your Audi back on the road with confidence in your vehicle.

What is an emission system?

As most car lovers know, Audis are created with the most high-tech and groundbreaking parts that all work together to get you from point A to point B in style. One of those complexities is the emission system. This system is required in all modern cars to maintain clear air in the environment and round your vehicle.

The emission system of your Audi is a group of components and elements that controls the amount of harmful gas that your vehicle emits. The gases come from many different parts of your vehicle, like the engine exhaust, the fuel tank, and the carburetor.

An emission system is designed to limit the amount of gas that your vehicle is emitting from these parts of your car. Without this system in place, your Audi would be releasing all types of bad gas, such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen. These are harmful to you, your passengers in your cabin, and the environment.

Reasons Why You Should Get it Fixed

Two important reasons to repair your emissions system are to pass your yearly car inspection and to protect the environment from harmful gasses.

  • Passing Your Inspections: As car drivers, we all know when we’re getting closer to the day that our inspection stickers are about to expire. The problem with having a faulty emission system is that your vehicle won’t pass the inspection. No sticker means no driving. Inspections should be quick checkups to let you know that your vehicle is in proper condition.
  • Protecting the Environment: As we now know, having a faulty emission system means that your car is emitting harmful gases. You don’t want to pollute the fresh air that you’re driving when you’re cruising with the top down or with the windows rolled. As Audi drivers, we want to keep the air that we’re blazing through clean. Fixing your emission systems is doing your part to keep the world unpolluted.

Signs that your Audi Emission System Needs a Repair

Below are some common signs that your emission system may need an inspection and repair at your trusted shop:

  • The check engine light will illuminate: Sometimes the check engine light may turn on if the emission system is faulty. Getting your vehicle inspected after seeing this light may prove that your Audi’s emission system needs a repair.
  • Your car is consuming more gas than usual: If you’re taking more trips to refill your tank than usual, it may be your emission system. When this system malfunctions, your Audi may be burning more gas, which means less money in your pocket.
  • Gas smell inside and outside of your car: Sometimes a strong smell of gasoline means that your emission system is faulty. It’s never a good thing to smell gas inside your cabin when you drive. If you are experiencing this, have your Audi inspected by our experts.

Santa Barbara Autowerks

Ensuring that your emission system Audi Faulty Emission System Check is working properly is a concern for Audi owners. Luckily, repairing these systems is one of the many services that we do at Santa Barbara Autowerks.

A faulty emission system is no problem for us to quickly handle. Trust our expert mechanics with your Audi. Let us prove to you why we are the best in the Santa Barbara area. Call us today for a convenient appointment.

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