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Expert Technicians to Fix Your BMW’s Cracked Alloy Wheels in Santa Barbara

27 Sep, 21

BMWs are known for exceptional performance, luxury, and their aesthetically-pleasing vehicles. Apart from their looks, one other feature that sets the BMWs apart from other automobile brands is their alloy wheels.

In recent times, alloy wheels have become the most preferred type of wheels. It is due to their low weight, better heat conduction, and aesthetic appearance. The tensile strength of alloy wheels allows them to withstand the test of time and provide better automobile performance. However, these good qualities do not protect them from becoming cracked under certain circumstances. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about cracked alloy wheels and where to get them properly repaired.

How do alloy wheels become cracked?

A cracked alloy wheel exhibits visible breaks in the metal. The cracking is usually due to an impact and contact between the wheel and a curb, pothole, or uneven roads with road debris.

Drivers try their best to avoid hitting a curb or getting into a pothole, but one can never be too careful. Sometimes, the pothole might look like a small puddle of water from the driver’s point of view, but upon impact, the driver realizes that it is a profound divot in the roadway. This impact might send a shock to the wheels that will leave cracks in them. These cracks usually start from minor fractures and expand over time.

Once an alloy wheel is cracked, you may be tempted to continue driving with it since the break might be small. However, a cracked alloy wheel can damage the tire, too. This will lead to the repair and/or replacement of both the wheels and tires instead of just the alloy wheels. Quick detection and repairs will save you a lot of cost, time, and safety risk.

Types of Cracks in Alloy Wheels

The types of cracks in alloy wheels depend on the size. The cracks may be long or short, depending on the intensity of the impact that caused them. Short cracks are not easily detectable, but if you spot one, it should be treated urgently to prevent it from spreading.

Long cracks, on the other hand, can damage the wheel totally if not detected early. Long cracks usually damage the tires. In this case, both wheels and tires might require fixing or replacement. However, always check your tires pressure and contact our technicians whenever your wheels experience impact with potholes and curbs.

Can cracked alloy wheels be fixed?

The answer is yes. Cracked alloy wheels can be fixed. If you notice any cracks in your BMW’s alloy wheels, the first thing to do is call our professionals, not search for DIY repair videos on the internet. The job requires the special repair expertise of professionals. Trying to repair it yourself might accrue further damage.

Alloy wheel repairs are less expensive than the replacement alternative. Hence, when talking to your mechanic, always make sure that both repair and replacement are on the table. That way, you will be able to weigh your options and make a final decision.

Here is how our professionals repair cracked alloy wheels in a BMW:

  • The vehicle is suspended using an axle stand.
  • For ease of access to damaged areas, the tires are deflated and moved backward.
  • All dirt and debris are cleaned from the damaged area.
  • The crack is welded together, allowed to dry, and then the tires are inflated according to the manufacturer’s instructions back on the wheel.

Santa Barbara Autowerks for your Cracked Alloy Wheels

Our experts at Santa Barbara autowerks are intentional about providing the best maintenance and repair services to its customers. BMW Alloy Wheel Replacement Unlike other auto repair shops that always insist on replacing the wheels, Autowerks will help you determine if it requires a repair first. If the problem does require a replacement, our experts at Autowerks will order the best OEM alloy wheel replacement.

Located in Santa Barbara, CA, Autowerks employs only experts with extensive knowledge in alloy wheel repair procedures. Allow Santa Barbara Autowerks to earn your repeat business by providing you with excellent service and repairs every time you need us. Give us a call today or visit our website to make an appointment!

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