MINI White Engine Smoke

How to Deal with Excessive Engine Smoke from Your Mini in Santa Barbara

27 Jun, 20

If smoke is coming from the engine bay of your Mini, your car is already in critical condition. You may have ignored warning signs and routine maintenance, or this may have sprung up unexpectedly. In order to deal with excessive engine smoke coming from your Mini, you need to first pay attention to the exhaust pipe and then identify the color of the smoke. Different smoke colors mean different parts are experiencing issues.

Black Engine Smoke

If you see black engine smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, then it could mean the air filter is clogged or dirty. This is the easiest place to check, so start there. The purpose of the air filter is to stop airborne contaminants from getting to the engine. The engine is able to run most effectively when there is clean air flowing through it. But if there is something wrong with the air filter, then it will produce black smoke in the exhaust pipe. The simple fix for this is to change out the air filter.

If the black smoke continues even after you have changed the air filter, then the issue is regarding the air-to-fuel ratio. The black smoke could then be produced by a failing fuel pressure regulator. The fuel pressure regulator is what controls the amount of fuel injected into the engine. So if this part has malfunctioned, then the air-to-fuel ratio will not be the correct balance and black smoke can appear.

White Engine Smoke

White engine smoke that persists after you initially start your Mini could mean that there is a blown head gasket or a damaged cylinder head. Under the hood of your vehicle, the head gasket sits between the engine block and the cylinder head, sealing the connection between them. The engine block houses the cylinder and coolant pathways, while the cylinder head has the valves and rocker arms. So if the head gasket that is between these two parts has blown, then there is the potential for coolant to end up in the combustion chamber. This results in white engine smoke, not to mention a more expensive repair than proper maintenance.

The other cause for white engine smoke is a damaged cylinder head. The explosions that happen inside of the cylinders mainly occur inside of the cylinder heads. So if the head is damaged, then the engine will misfire and act unexpectedly because there was not enough pressure built up to complete the explosion.

Blue or Grey Engine Smoke

The last color option of engine smoke is blue or grey. These colors emitting from your exhaust pipe indicate burning oil. If you see either of these colors coming out of the exhaust pipe, then the first thing it can mean is a malfunctioning valve stem seal. The valve stem seal is responsible for regulating the amount of oil that is applied to the valve stem interface. From there, the oil is used to lubricate the combustion chamber. If the seal is broken, then the oil will leak out and burn where it shouldn’t.

Another cause of blue or grey smoke is failed piston rings. This is an issue that is more on the rare side than that of malfunctioning valve stem seals. If the piston rings do fail, then you will see blue or grey smoke coming from the exhaust pipe of your Mini.

Addressing the Smoke Coming from your Mini

Any of these colors of smoke coming from your exhaust pipe indicate a serious issue within the engine. MINI Excessive Engine Smoke FixYou should bring your Mini in immediately if any smoke is seen consistently as you drive.

At Santa Barbara Autowerks in Santa Barbara, CA, all of our technicians are trained and certified in each model of Minis. Once you bring your Mini to us for servicing, we will quickly and efficiently run diagnostics on your vehicle to determine what is causing the excessive engine smoke. We will be sure to work with you in regards to what is the best option for repair that fits into your budget. We care about our customers and your vehicle, so we will do all we can to safely repair your Mini without dealership-type headaches. Give us a call today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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