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How to Diagnose Air Conditioning System Issues in a BMW

21 Feb, 18

Air conditioning systems make life a lot more comfortable. This is true inside our homes, businesses, and of course, our cars. BMW vehicles are especially advanced when it comes to driver comfort, and their air conditioning systems are no joke. In hot temperatures, air conditioning is critical, as it provides us relief from the heat. Furthermore, in heavy traffic conditions they tend to make life a lot more bearable. That’s why when the air conditioning system in your BMW begins to malfunction, it can be quite upsetting.

Diagnosing air condition system issues in a BMW is not much different from that of other cars. In fact, there is a series of steps to follow and questions to ask before you bring the car in to a professional. Noticing signs of dwindling air conditioner performance can be helpful, but sometimes these things seem to happen completely overnight. If your BMW is experiencing air conditioning failure, the following information might be helpful for you to know.

Steps for a differential diagnosis

A differential diagnosis is a method that automotive professionals use to find the cause of the problem the client is currently experiencing. For instance, there is a sequence of questions one might ask themselves when trying to isolate the specific part of the BMW that needs replacement or repair. When it comes to air conditioning problems, these are the three most important questions to ask yourself:

Does the air conditioner blow air at all?

If after turning on your air conditioning to full blast you notice that nothing happens at all, it could be simply related to an electrical switch issue with the air conditioning button.

Is the air coming out adequately?

You might not have any air coming out at all—or at least it may seem that way. If the air doesn’t blow at all, an electrical problem could still be the cause of the issue. However, if air blows even the slightest bit but is weak, then the problem could be traced to the blower motor or HVAC blower.

Is the temperature of the air cool or warm?

If the temperature of the air coming out of the vents is warm or not cool at all, then the issue could be related to a Freon, or refrigerant, leak. Freon is the fluid that circulates through your air conditioning system and causes the air coming out to be cool.

Possible causes of air conditioning failure

There are several different possible causes of air conditioning failure, and this elicits the need for a professional BMW mechanic to perform a differential diagnosis. Isolating the source of the problem is important in order to save time and money in repair work. These are the two most common reasons for air conditioning failure in a BMW vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter.

Faulty air compressor

The air compressor is what generates power, causing the air to blow through the vents. If the air compressor begins to diminish in performance or is in need of repair, it could cause the flow of the air coming through the vents to be extremely dampened.

Freon leaks

As we mentioned before, Freon leaks can cause your air conditioner to produce only warm air—or at least not cold air. This could further be due to any other number of issues including O-ring failure or a particular seals deterioration. A thorough inspection of your air conditioning system will quickly detect a Freon leak and can quite easily be traced back to where the leak began.


Why BMWs need care from a German-engineering specialist

The professionals here at Santa Barbara Autowerks specialize in German-engineered vehicles like BMWs. We have maintained and repaired countless numbers of BMW cars in the areas near beautiful Santa Barbara, CA, where driving a BMW is especially warranted. Since air conditioning in your BMW is essential, especially during summer months, we always make it a point to inspect air conditioning parts routinely throughout the year so that our clients are never left without working air conditioning. If you are concerned that your air conditioning system has begun to recently fail or malfunction, please contact our shop to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. We look forward to restoring your BMW to its most comfortable self again.

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