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How to Fix Oil Leaks in a Mercedes

18 Dec, 17

Regular oil changes are probably one of the most important factors in automotive care for all vehicles. This is even more important in luxury vehicles such as Mercedes because the high quality parts of the engine require constant lubrication to maintain their function and value—otherwise performance begins to suffer, including fuel economy. Furthermore, dirty or inadequate levels of motor oil can leave devastating damage to your Mercedes’ engine. When you routinely change your vehicle’s oil and oil filters, you are preventing sinister problems from arising. Additionally, with ongoing maintenance you can keep hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket in costly repairs later on. The Mercedes brand is known for their high levels of performance and lasting value. When you notice that your Mercedes is leaking oil, there’s no need to panic—just take it to a trusted automotive specialist who is more than familiar with German engineering. It helps to know how to spot an oil leak and what might be causing it. Here are a few ways you can identify that your Mercedes is leaking oil.

Failing Valve Gasket Seal

The valve gasket is responsible for keeping the engine oil within the engine components by sealing it in, keeping the engine continually lubricated. Keeping the spaces between the engine block and the oil pan secure as well, it optimizes the flow of oil throughout the engine. Seals can become corroded, faulty, and eventual fail when oil accumulates, building up and finally creating an excessive amount of pressure under which the seal may burst or explode. Newer Mercedes are engineered well, and usually do not run into this issue. However, the older Mercedes models have been known to run into valve gasket seal problems. Continually keeping your eye out for oil leaks and checking your oil level can ensure that the seal is doing its job properly.

Loose Filler Cap

Ranging from simple to catastrophic, there are many reasons why your Mercedes could be leaking oil. Simply enough, another reason why you might spring an oil leak could be that the filler cap is not tightened well enough. Once you hit the road, and a few bumps, your oil will certainly spill over the top of whatever unsecure, or fully detached, cap is there. In this case, oil can drip down your engine, and can not only become incredibly messy but can cause significant damage to your engine components. Your filler cap might need to be replaced, or simply ensured for tightness before driving.

Old and Dirty Oil Filters

Most luxury automotive professionals believe that oil filters must be changed every time an oil change is performed; however, not all shops recommend this service. If you own or drive a Mercedes, it is likely recommended to regularly change the oil filters. This can help prevent filters from building up oil and debris or becoming old and contaminating clean oil. Furthermore, it could be the reason for oil not properly draining, therefore causing a leak. There are different oil filters for different brands of vehicles and even different models. For the specific recommendations on types of oil and oil filters to use for your specific Mercedes should be included in your owner’s manual, along with the recommended maintenance schedule for automotive services.

Untightened or Worn Out Drain Plug

Another really simple reason for an oil leak is that the drain plug is not fully secured, or possibly worn out. Depending on where you take your Mercedes for an oil change, automotive technicians don’t always pay close attention to the task at hand. Unfortunately, the smallest mistake can result in catastrophe. So, when you get your oil changed, the technician beneath your car is responsible for ensuring that the drain plug is securely in place. On the other hand, it might simply be time for a new drain plug. Some older Mercedes models’ drain plugs can become corroded over time from frequent oil changes over many years.

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