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Know the Symptoms of Drive Chain Problems in a BMW

15 Feb, 20

In order to maintain your accustomed performance level in your BMW, the proper maintenance schedule must be followed. As your car ages, there are parts that require more service than others. One of those components is the drive chain, also known as the timing chain.

The drive chain is a piece of equipment made up of chains linked together in a fashion that is similar to a bicycle chain. The drive chain is located at the front of the motor and is attached to a set of gears and pulleys. The purpose of the drive chain is to power multiple mechanical components and help the engine run smoothly. The drive chain is able to do this successfully when it has the proper amount of oil, which is why proper maintenance is important. Below, you will find out more information in regards symptoms of drive chain malfunction due to low oil.

Metal Shavings in the Oil

Each BMW has a recommended timeframe for when the engine oil should be replaced. New oils allows for the engine and all the connecting parts to run smoothly. As the oil continues to circulate through the engine, there is the potential for it to separate due to the constant contact with the heat that is being produced. This same heat also affects the drive chain. As the drive chain wears down from use, the heat it produces can cause slivers of metal to break off into various parts of the engine. These metal shards will make their way into the engine oil. This can cause unnecessary wear and tear of your components. A savvy BMW mechanic will be able to inspect your engine oil and advise you of any needed replacements and service. Catching this early will prevent further problems from developing.

Engine Runs Poorly

Another symptom that will point you toward a potential drive chain malfunction is that the engine runs poorly or it misfires. When the drive chain has been under constant wear and tear, it is likely that the chains are stretching out. Once the chain links stretch, there is the possibility for a gear to skip during rotation through the camshaft or the crankshaft. If either one of these parts experiences a skip, the engine can fall out of calibration and an engine misfire can occur.

In addition to a misfire, the overall engine performance will be inconsistent. You will notice this while you are driving because your acceleration and speed may be affected as will the overall power of your normally responsive BMW. Trust your instincts. You know how your car usually performs. If you suspect something is amiss, bring it in for inspection.

Repairing the Drive Chain Oil Malfunction

If you notice any of the above symptoms, it is time to bring your BMW in to be repaired by a trusted mechanic. At Santa Barbara Autowerks in Santa Barbara, CA, we approach your BMW as a whole and with the care to BMW Drive Chain Issue Check detail we’d give to our own car. With this approach to vehicle repair, we are able to give our customers a longer time between maintenance visits.

We believe that in order to become your trustworthy and successful BMW service center, your BMW should be repaired in such a way that lasts for years down the road. So when you bring your BMW in for servicing on the drive chain, you can expect a full report of your vehicle that indicates all repairs that should take place to ensure your BMW lasts a long time. We will draw up this report using the latest and most up to date diagnostic tools and review it with you once it has been completed. Throughout this entire process, you are in the driver’s seat and will make the decisions in regard to what repairs should be done now or later.

Our reports are recommendations for you, but there will never be any pressure to act on them. In the end, our shop wants what is best for your safety as you continue to drive your BMW. Call us today to make an appointment at your convenience or stop by to talk with one of our knowledgeable experts. We look forward to becoming your BMW service center.

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