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Leading Causes of a Worn Out Harness in Your BMW

19 Oct, 20

BMWs deliver the ultimate driving experience and are reliable and eye-catching. BMW owners understand the importance of having their car worked on by a certified technician. At Santa Barbara Autowerks, we have earned a reputation for providing the best service around. For years, we have remained Santa Barbara’s number one most trusted BMW service center.

If you are experiencing sporadic electrical issues, your BMW may have damage to the wiring harness. Diagnosing electrical issues can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive.

To save time and money do not try to handle the repairs yourself. Instead, bring your BMW into Santa Barbara Autowerks. We have all the tools and equipment needed to accurately diagnose your electrical issues. Let’s dive deeper into wiring harness issues.

What is the wiring harness in a BMW?

The wiring harness is a complex system in your BMW. It is also referred to as the physical on-board power system. It consists of electrical connections, hardware components and terminals that connect a variety of components.

The wiring harness has numerous sub-systems. Each is responsible for a different area such as the headlights, taillights, and audio system. The more your BMW relies on electrical components, the larger the wiring harness will be.

Signs of a Worn Out Harness Wire

When the harness wire wears out, you will begin to notice issues with certain components. Failure may be intermittent as the wires become degraded or corroded. One issue you may experience is with the lights. They may work sometimes but not others, or they may work but they become dim.

Here are some common signs of an issue with your wiring harness:

  • intermittent, flickering, or dimming lights
  • BMW will not start
  • motor revs up suddenly
  • motor idles down on its own
  • sudden stalling
  • engine stuttering, jerking or lurching
  • fuses keep blowing
  • smell of burning plastic
  • blinkers quit working
  • radio turns on and off
  • instrument panel goes dark
  • navigation system will not work
  • windows will not open or close
  • cannot move the power seats
  • check engine light is illuminated

Common Causes Wiring Harness Failure

The wiring harness was designed to protect and prevent the wires from damage. The harness also helps prevent fires caused by exposed wiring. Harnesses are usually made from material that is able to tolerate high temperatures and outside elements. The BMWs wiring harness often lasts a lifetime, but it can fail.

Several reasons that your wiring harness can breakdown include normal everyday wear and tear, fluctuating temperatures, excessive moisture, defective installation, poor quality manufacturing material, and road vibrations.

Preventing Harness Wire Failure

The best way to prevent wiring harness failure is to stay current on your regular maintenance. Preventative maintenance is crucial for preventing significant, expensive repairs. During the diagnostic examination, your mechanic will perform a visual inspection to see if there are any visible signs of failure. Then, they will delve deeper into the technology and mechanics of your BMW.

Driving with Wiring Harness Failure

If the wiring harness is damaged in your BMW, it is important that it is repaired right away. The wiring harness protects the wires. When the harness is damaged, the wires are exposed to the elements. This can lead to serious malfunctions that can hinder your BMW’s performance, leading to an accident. This can be very dangerous. A faulty wiring harness can also lead to a fire.

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