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Reasons Behind Camshaft Tensioner Leaks In Audis From Experts In Santa Barbara

04 Dec, 21

Audi is a well-renowned car brand known for its aesthetics and high performance on the road. Experts put in the time and skilled expertise to create Audis. That is why Audis are unique, reliable, comfortable, and luxurious in their entirety. However, even with all the fantastic qualities, Audis are still prone to wear and tear and faults from time to time.

A part of your Audi that is subject to fault is the camshaft tensioner. The camshaft tensioner is a very critical component found under the hood. It functions to ensure that the belts (both serpentine and timing belts) maintain the optimal tension and remain fastened during all operations. The camshaft tensioner hydraulic oil from the engine under pressure regulates the tension and ensures that the belts operate at optimal performance.

If the camshaft tensioner becomes faulty, the oil will start leaking out, thereby hindering its functions. The loss of oil will adversely affect the engine’s performance in your car, and the overall performance will drop drastically.

Common Causes of Camshaft Tensioner Leaks in Audi

The causes of leaks in camshaft tensioner leaks in your Audi are as follows:

  • Natural wear and tear: Unfortunately, all mechanical and electrical parts of your car are subject to natural wear and tear, and the camshaft tensioner is no exception. The rollers are supposed to disrupt the timing of the camshaft tensioner and crankshaft. However, when the camshaft tensioner is not properly lubricated and used continuously, its rollers become damaged. Damage to the rollers will impair the functions of the camshaft tensioner.
  • Contaminated oil: Over time, the engine oil in your Audi gets contaminated with debris or gets old. The dirt in the oil can become stuck on the rollers and slow down the movement of the camshaft tensioner. Hence, ensure to keep up the maintenance schedule of your Audi and change the oil regularly.
  • Overstretching: The constant usage of the camshaft tensioner within the engine, it becomes overstretched over time. When it becomes overstretched, it will no longer regulate the movement of the belts. Consequently, the engines will idle roughly and cause the piston to strike and damage the valves.

Signs Of Camshaft Tensioner Leaks in Audi

When the camshaft tensioner becomes faulty, you will notice or all of the following signs:

  • Loosened timing belts: Over time, the timing belt becomes worn out, but if the camshaft tensioner starts seeping oil, the belts might wear out prematurely. When the belts wear out, they become loosened and you will hear a grinding noise coming from the hood to indicate that the camshaft tensioner is faulty.
  • Poor acceleration: When the camshaft tensioner starts leaking, the overall engine performance is negatively affected, slowing your acceleration.
  • Unresponsive engine: The most severe sign of a leaking camshaft tensioner is that the engine will stop working. Broken belts due to the leaking camshaft tensioner are responsible for the unresponsive engine. Your Audi cannot move without a healthy engine; hence, call a mechanic to repair it immediately.
  • Exhaust fumes: When the camshaft tensioner of your Audi starts leaking, the engine will run rich, and the exhaust will emit thick fumes.
  • Check engine light is on: The camshaft tensioner is an important component in the engine. If it starts leaking, the check engine will become illuminated.

Trust Santa Barbara Autowerks with the camshaft tensioner in your Audi

Owners of Audis have often complained of leaking camshaft tensioners. Although the camshaft tensioner is prone to wear and tear, Audi Engine Oil Quality Check regular maintenance can prevent premature damage and elongate its lifespan. For the maintenance and repairs of the camshaft tensioner, visit Santa Barbara Autowerks at Santa Barbara, CA.

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