Volkswagen Increased Fuel Consumption

Reasons Behind Increased Fuel Consumption in Your Volkswagen

21 Dec, 21

Volkswagen has been a favorite amongst drivers for over fifty years, thanks to its distinctive aesthetics, affordability, and fuel efficiency. However, if you don’t take proper care and maintenance of your Volkswagen, you may find yourself visiting gas stations far more frequently than you would want.

Reduced fuel efficiency undoubtedly makes the running of your Volkswagen more expensive, but it can be easily avoided and fixed. Let us go over some of the leading causes of increased fuel usage and what you can do to get your Volkswagen back to its original state.

Driving Habits

Many drivers are unaware of how their driving habits and driving conditions affect their gas mileage. How you drive your vehicle has a significant impact on how often you refuel.

Quick acceleration consumes more fuel than slow and steady acceleration. Although swift acceleration feels fantastic, it requires more energy to produce more horsepower, and that causes increased fuel consumption.

Overloading your vehicle, sudden braking, embarking on short trips, engine revving, and excessive idling are other factors that can reduce your Volkswagen fuel efficiency.

Engine Oil Quality

According to your vehicle’s manual, your car has a specific and designated type of engine oil that works best for it. When you use the wrong engine oil, your engine compensates for the extra heat generated by unnecessary friction, resulting in inefficient fuel consumption.

Additionally, if your oil levels are not properly maintained, your VW will consume more fuel. Oil is required to lubricate the engine’s moving parts; without it, there is increased friction within the engine. Since the oil also aids in the smooth operation of the engine, without it, your engine has to work harder and, as a result, will wear itself out.

Failing Spark Plugs

Because spark plugs are critical to engine ignition and combustion, your Volkswagen’s fuel consumption will suffer if they fail or are in poor condition. The longevity of your spark plugs is directly related to how well you drive and how well you maintain your vehicle.

Old spark plugs are likely to be less reliable and may hinder the proper ignition of the fuel. Consequently, fuel will be wasted in the combustion process, and there is increased fuel consumption.

Clogged Fuel Injectors

Your fuel injection system is responsible for delivering fuel to the engine for combustion and ignition. When debris, rust, and dirt make their way into your vehicle fuel system, this, in turn, affects your fuel injector. When the fuel injector becomes clogged, the result is an unsteady fuel supply to the engine.

An inefficient fuel injector causes fuel wastage through leakages or supply of excessive fuel to the engine. To reduce the likelihood of fuel consumption issues, inspect and clean your fuel injectors regularly.

Bad Tires

The condition of your tires is one of the most common and easy fixes that can significantly impact the fuel consumption of your Volkswagen. Many drivers believe that the state of their engine solely determines fuel consumption, but your wheels also play a role.

Misaligned or underinflated tires can reduce your gas mileage. Poor tire conditions cause increased resistance, requiring your engine to work harder to achieve the required traction.

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All of the issues mentioned above can be resolved or avoided by having your Volkswagen serviced regularly. Changing Volkswagen Fuel Injector Check your driving habits and regular checks of oil levels will no doubt help maintain your fuel efficiency. Entrusting your vehicle maintenance, such as spark plug care, clogged fuel injector issues, routine oil change, etc., to professionals will go a long way.

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