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Reasons Behind Lifter Ticking Issues in a BMW from Expert Mechanics in Santa Barbara

10 Sep, 21

Many BMWs, especially those with the N52 engine that was produced between 2004 – 2015, experience lifter ticking or rattling. It may not be a safety issue, but it can be quite annoying, especially for owners who take pride in their vehicles and take good care of their BMW.

No one wants to drive around their BMW if it rattles or ticks. However, you are in luck because the experts at Santa Barbara Autowerks specialize in BMW services and maintenance and can fix that annoying noise and get you back on the road fast.

A hydraulic valve lifter is designed to provide zero clearance between components in an engine. This means that it adjusts to the movement inside the engine with a rocker arm to help keep it running quietly and smoothly. The hydraulic valve lifter also automatically adjusts to engine components expanding due to heat or contract due to cold weather. If the valve malfunctions, you will start to hear clicking or rattling coming from under the hood.

Recognizable Causes for Ticking Noise

There are various reasons why you will hear a rattle or a ticking from your BMW. The main reason for BMWs is a faulty design with the hydraulic valve lifter, but there are other reasons that would cause the noise. Below are the common reasons for a ticking or rattling noise coming from your BMW:

  • Temperature: When it is colder outside, the ticking or rattling from your hydraulic valve lifter is more likely to happen.
  • Using The Wrong Oil: You need to ensure that you use the proper oil designated for your model of BMW. If you use oil that is too thin or thick, you will not have the proper lubrication.
  • Low Engine Oil: Having low engine oil is a common reason for a lifter to start making a ticking or rattling noise. The lifter valve would not be able to function as designed with not enough oil, and with constant friction, it becomes more likely to fail.
  • Dirty Oil: Much like having low engine oil, the dirty engine oil will prevent the hydraulic valve lifter from working properly. You need to have proper lubrication. Dirt and composites will wear out components fast.
  • Improper Spacing: When there is not enough space between the camshaft and the pushrod, the hydraulic lifter valve may get damaged. However, if there is too much space, you will start to hear a rattling noise come from your engine.

Santa Barbara Autowerks is the Best Choice for BMW Repair

If your BMW starts to rattle or make a ticking noise we can quickly diagnose what the issue is with our advanced diagnostic test equipment and BMW Oil Level Check a team of highly trained professionals. We will ensure that you get the best service possible with our experienced team of technicians. We are equipped with the latest factory-grade tools & technology to quickly diagnose any issue to get you back on the road fast.

You can rest easy knowing that we only use the best parts, and we offer a 2-year/ 24,000-mile warranty on parts and labor. We also take our time to inspect your BMW as a whole instead of just looking for an isolated issue such as a ticking hydraulic valve lifter. What this does is ensure that your BMW or other European import is completely operational according to factory standards. Each vehicle has to pass our strict quality control inspections before giving them back to our customers.

Santa Barbara Autowerks delivers the highest quality BMW maintenance and service in Santa Barbara, CA. We are also proud to serve the surrounding area of:

  • Laguna
  • West Beach
  • Alta Mesa
  • East Beach

We can handle any service or repair, no matter how big or small, at a price that can not be bet. If you are looking for a true dealership alternative, Santa Barbara Autowerks is the place to go. Come see us today or schedule an appointment by phone or online. We look forward to providing you the customer care that you deserve. Let us earn your repeat business for all your BMW future service and maintenance needs. Call us today.

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