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Reasons Behind Your Mini Failing to Start

26 Sep, 18

When purchasing a Mini, the very least of your expectations is that the vehicle will start, especially considering that the European powerhouse is known for quality performance. Unfortunately, Mini owners may experience complications with starting their car after it has gone unused for an extended period of time. This shock can be both inconvenient and frustrating; especially if you are on a time constraint.

Although this unexpected hiccup can greatly impact the way you get around, there are small yet avoidable reasons that can attribute to your cars distress. The four most common reasons why a Mini fails to start are:

● Dead Battery
● Alternator Issues
● Faulty Timing Belt
● Fuel Consumption Issues

Possible Warning Signs

When issues with your Mini’s startup occur, there are small indications that serve as warning signs. One of the first signals is clicking noises that occur when starting the engine. This may lead to future electrical issues which are both damaging and hazardous to your vehicle’s health.

Dead or Faulty Batteries

Batteries are quiet yet powerful units that play a major role in how your car performs. They operate in the same manner as a cell phone battery; when your phone is low on juice, likely it’ll slow down or completely shut off. This same lack of energy is one of the primary reasons why your car won’t start.

Modern vehicles have sensors that alert drivers when their battery is reaching its limit. However, if there is a system malfunction, your vehicle may not alert you in time. If you suspect your battery to be the problem, check to make sure your dashboard and sensors light up when you try to start your car. If they don’t, you may be experiencing an electrical issue. This issue could prevent your battery from holding a charge. During your routine services, have your reliable mechanical specialist examine this function to ensure that your battery is healthy.

Often times, a quick charge to the battery may solve the issue. However, the battery is a part that will need to be replaced as a part of regular maintenance.

Alternator Issues

Your alternator plays an important role in maintaining your battery life. In fact, this special piece makes sure that your battery is charging even while you are driving. Therefore, issues with your alternator’s function may be to blame for your Mini’s issues.

Short driving periods, although convenient and gas efficient, are not enough time for your alternator to charge your battery. On short trips, by the time the alternator starts up you may be at your destination. One way to avoid this issue is to occasionally drive for a more extended period of time down a long road or highway. If your car is still experiencing trouble starting up after trying that, it may be time to have your alternator checked out.

Faulty Timing Belt

It is recommended that you replace your Mini’s timing belts at roughly 50,000 miles. If you continuously ride on a worn belt, your engine will ultimately fail. This can result in an immediate stop while driving. Not only is this dangerous for you and others on the road, it is also harmful to your engine’s health. In order to avoid the costly burden of replacing an entire engine, make sure your timing belt is kept up-to-date and replaced when necessary.

Fuel Consumption Issues

The fuel pump is an important piece of your vehicle’s performance, as it transfers gas to the engine. Faulty or old pumps may not transfer gas adequately, which results in your car essentially running on fumes. With a faulty fuel pump on board, the gas you spent your hard-earned money on may be filtering out into the street or worse, within your car. Colder, icy months can result in your fuel pumps freezing over. Keeping a close eye on how quickly your car runs through gas will be a great indicator of your fuel consumption levels.

Start With the Best Care

Mini Coopers are fun and reliable cars that definitely make a statement. With their durability and optimal performance, they are excellent additions to your vehicle family. This is a primary reason why quality servicing is necessary.

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