Mini Cooper Damaged Engine Mount

Reasons for Engine Mount Failure in Your Mini Cooper

09 Aug, 21

The Mini Cooper model was first introduced to the public in 1959 and has converted customers into fans since with its unique, fun, and exquisite design. However, current and future owners of Mini Coopers should be aware of the common issue with engine mount failure. Though all vehicles can have mechanical problems after a certain amount of time on the road, engine mount failure seems to trouble Mini Cooper drivers, even if the car has not traversed many miles. The mounts can still fail earlier than expected and require expensive repairs to replace the parts.

The only solution is replacing the engine mount, which can be expensive due to the cost and the labor. Pricing will also depend on the auto repair shop. If purchasing a pre-owned Mini Cooper is your goal, you might take your prospective model to a trusted Mini Cooper repair shop for a pre-purchase inspection. Ask the mechanic to check the engine mounts along with other systems to see if all is in working order. Read further to learn more about what can impact the engine mount in a Mini Cooper.

The Purpose of the Mounts

The engine mounts, also referred to as motor mounts, literally attach the engine to the body of the car. It keeps the engine secure and stops it from moving around as you drive.  The engine is humming along, working hard to keep you driving on the road. As a by-product, vibrations will occur. The rubber parts of the engine mount keep it from moving around and keep it from hitting other parts inside the engine bay.

If you did not have engine mounts absorbing the shock and vibrations from the engine’s combustion process, you will feel the vibrations. Fortunately, the motor mounts protect the engine and absorb the vibrations so you can focus on your drive. The mounts also use oil for lubrication. They are often made of rubber, which is more susceptible to wear and tear.

The Causes of Engine Mount Failure

Any car will experience some mechanical failure or issues if driven long enough. There are things that can cause the engine mount in Mini Cooper to fail earlier than expected. The simple act of pressing on the gas pedal initiates a combustion process, which causes vibration. The engine mount absorbs this vibration as it serves its purpose, keeping the engine secure. The rubber and the metal can wear down over time and become less effective, causing a cracked mount, or the connection to the metal components can separate.

Below are some of the most common reasons why your Mini Cooper might have engine mount failure:

  • Driving Style: Even if you have been cautious to avoid bumps, debris, potholes, high speeds and extreme temperatures can add to the wear and tear process. Be gentle with your gas pedal. Since the combustion process causes vibrations, regularly flooring your Mini Cooper will not help the engine mounts last longer.
  • Installation Mistakes: One possibility is an insecure mount due to improper installation at the manufacturer. If this is the reason, it was possibly installed too loosely to the frame. Ask your mechanic to look everything over or if you have concerns about the mounts.
  • Accidents: A collision involving your Mini Cooper can also harm your engine mount. If your vehicle has been in an accident in the past, have your mechanic look it over for problems. Fixing issues now will preserve your Mini and keep it on the road for years to come.

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