BMW F06 6-series

Repairing Oil Cooler Gasket Failure in Your BMW 6 Series

04 May, 19

BMW is known for being a luxury vehicle brand, and for a good reason. They provide more power and a more smooth driving experience than standard or domestic brands can offer. So when you buy one of these beauties, you expect it to be worth your money, and rightfully so.

However, there are common problems that you need to watch out for, especially in a BMW 6 Series model. One of these unfortunate issues is the failure of the oil cooler gasket. If it does malfunction or if it fails, you’re going to have a really bad time. We don’t want that for you, so we are going to teach you:

● The warning signs of a failing oil cooler gasket
● Why it is failing
● How to prevent failure in the future
● What you can do to fix the problem now

Warning Signs of a Failing Oil Cooler Gasket

There are a few things you should notice if the oil cooler gasket of your BMW 6 series vehicle is failing:

● The oil will be leaking from the cooler. You should notice it pooling under your vehicle. The oil, as you likely know already, is black and throws off a rainbow sheen. If gone unchecked, the gasket could blow completely and dump all of your oil on the ground. You need to see someone about the problem as soon as possible.

● The temperature gauge in the car will be running hot. Your oil cooler plays an important part in keeping your BMW operating at safe temperatures. Excessive amounts of heat can and will destroy your vehicle if you aren’t careful.

● The oil is contaminated with debris. The gasket keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. When it fails to do its job, you will get all sorts of nasty stuff in your oil. This is especially bad because debris makes oil gunky and dirties up the rest of your engine which may cause it to fail in turn. Then the repairs will cost an arm and a leg.

Why an Oil Cooler Gasket Fails

A gasket is a seal meant to keep fluids in where they belong and to keep everything else out. It is essential to the cooling of your car and the maintenance of your engine. If the seal is broken, it can create chaos in your BMW and cause irreparable damage over time. The root of the problem is so simple. All auto parts eventually fail and need to be replaced. When the seal gets stretched or cracked, your most concerning issues occur.

How to Prevent the Problem in the Future

Unfortunately, this is not a DIY deal. You cannot reliably fix the gasket by yourself, assuming you aren’t a qualified mechanic. In order to maintain the integrity of the oil cooler gasket in your vehicle in the future, you need to have your oil changed and your BMW inspected regularly by technicians who specialize in dealing with foreign vehicles. It is likely that one of them will be able to catch the problem early before it can do any serious damage. If you notice anything unusual about how your vehicle is functioning, don’t wait. Take your BMW into a professional mechanic to be repaired.

How to Solve the Issue Now

There is not much that you can do for your BMW on your own when your oil cooler gasket fails. This is the time to go to a qualified technician and BMW 6 Series Oil Check get your gasket replaced and all damage repaired. They will get you back on the road again in no time. The main issue is finding someone that you can trust to be reliable and efficient.

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