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Replace a Clogged Air Filter in Your Mercedes by Trusted Mechanics of Santa Barbara

04 Nov, 20

If you own a Mercedes Benz, then you’ll know it to be a powerful, innovative vehicle. Hopefully, you also know that the best way to keep your Mercedes in top condition is by having it frequently maintained.

One part of your vehicle that especially deserves care and attention is the air filter. Your vehicle’s air filter is essential to proper engine functioning, and it should be checked and replaced regularly.

The Air Filter’s Purpose

The air filter is a part made of pleated material that sits at the front of your vehicle’s engine. Its main purpose is to allow air into the engine while preventing contaminants (dirt, bugs, etc.) from going through. Because the filter performs this task every time you drive your Mercedes, it will eventually become clogged with debris.

When this happens, it will stop trapping contaminants and will instead allow them to flow into the engine, which can have some serious negative consequences for your vehicle’s engine performance. Most mechanics recommend that Mercedes owners have their vehicles’ air filters replaced every 15,000 miles or so.

Signs You Should Have Your Vehicle’s Filter Replaced

Unfortunately, your Mercedes air filter may sometimes wear out before the 15,000 mile mark. If this happens, or if you neglect to follow the recommended schedule for having the vehicle’s filter replaced, then your vehicle may begin showing symptoms that the filter is clogged.

One common sign that your Mercedes air filter may be clogged is decreased engine performance. By allowing dirty air into the engine, a faulty air filter will change the air-to-fuel ratio in the engine, making the vehicle run less smoothly.

For example, your vehicle might respond more slowly when you press the accelerator, or it might burn through fuel at an exceedingly high rate. In some instances, the engine might also make unusual noises, including popping and coughing sounds. This is an indication that your vehicle’s fuel has become too rich due to the lack of clean air and has begun leaving residue on the engine’s spark plugs.

If you notice that your Mercedes engine is making strange noises, you should bring the vehicle to a mechanic immediately, before the problem becomes too severe.

Another potential symptom of a clogged air filter is black smoke coming from the vehicle’s exhaust system. If your vehicle’s fuel is too rich due to a faulty air filter, then the engine’s combustion chamber will be unable to fully burn it away, and the unburned fuel will drip out of the vehicle’s exhaust system as a sooty residue.

In addition to making the exhaust system pump out black smoke, this residue may also cause the exhaust to reek of gasoline. Furthermore, because the residue is highly flammable, it might generate flames when introduced to the exhaust system’s high temperatures.

Again, if you notice any of these symptoms, you should have a professional address the problem immediately to prevent the situation from causing serious damage to your vehicle.

A third and final common symptom of air filter issues is the illumination of the check engine light. Your Mercedes check engine light might turn on for a number of reasons, but if it illuminates in tandem with any of the other symptoms described here, then the problem is likely your vehicle’s air filter.

Even if none of these additional symptoms are present, the reason behind the check engine light’s illumination may still be a clogged air filter. If you suspect this is the case, then consider taking a look at the filter yourself. If the filter is no longer white or off-white, then it is likely clogged and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Mercedes Dirty Air Filter Replacement

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Identifying a clogged air filter can be easy, replacing one is much more difficult. So, if your Mercedes air filter is clogged, you will want a trusted professional to replace it for you.

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