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Signs of DME Communication Failure in Volkswagen

17 Nov, 21

Digital Motor Electronics, or DME, in a Volkswagen, serves as the control center for the engine. Allowing the VW to run as smoothly as possible, the DME component is an advanced electronic system that sends messages to other components on when and how to carry out specific tasks. By improving its operating efficiency, your Volkswagen’s DME communication also reduces the emissions your vehicle emits. This highly complex setup also sends out thousands of commands and receives the same amount of responses in a matter of seconds.

Theoretically, the DME system of your Volkswagen is the brain of your vehicle’s operation. So, when something goes wrong in the DME system or the DME communication fails, it is evident relatively quickly. A DME communication failure in your Volkswagen won’t go unnoticed, either, as it will wreak havoc on your VW model. Seek out professional help from our technicians at Santa Barbara Autowerks if you experience this problem.

Common Warning Signs

You will immediately begin to feel the effects of a DME communication system malfunction in your Volkswagen. Take a look at the list below to see what symptoms coincide with the failure of the DME communication system in a Volkswagen model.

  • Vehicle Stalling: Vehicle stalling is not something to put off to another day. If this is occurring because of a DME communication system failure, you’ll want to get it diagnosed as soon as possible to ensure your safety on the road, as stalling out when merging into traffic can be deadly.
  • Engine Misfiring: If your Volkswagen begins to have misfires in the engine, it can be indicative of a DME communication system failure. Letting this problem fester can have damaging effects to the engine over continued usage.
  • Backfiring or Surging Forward: When there isn’t an appropriate mixture of gas and oxygen levels in your Volkswagen, this is likely the result of a DME communication failure. Your vehicle can react in strange ways including backfiring or surging The latter can be extremely dangerous.
  • Check Engine Light: It can be concerning when your Volkswagen’s check engine light comes on, but that’s where our professionals at Santa Barbara Autowerks can serve you best. Don’t count on just any shop to run diagnostics on your Volkswagen, as it is important to detect a DME communication failure as soon as possible to minimize damage.

Causes of a Volkswagen’s Faulty DME Communication System

As you can guess, the DME communication system of your Volkswagen is a complex setup that is susceptible to faulty mechanisms and feedback. Even one wrong signal can send your Volkswagen into a tailspin. So, here are a few common causes of DME communication system failure in VW models.

  • moisture-inducing corrosion
  • improper jump start
  • faulty aftermarket VW chips
  • battery issues or improper grounding
  • loose mounting that leads to vibrations

Find a Service Repair Shop to Resolve Your Volkswagen’s DME Communication Failure

Not everyone can be trusted to identify your Volkswagen’s DME communication issues and resolve them effectively. Volkswagen Battery Check You’ll want to find a repair shop with experienced technicians so come to Santa Barbara Autowerks when you think your VW’s DME communication system is failing.

As a German auto repair shop, we offer a quicker and more affordable way of servicing and repairing your Volkswagen than a standard dealership can offer. European-made cars, like Volkswagen models, require a certain standard of care that the professionals at Santa Barbara Autowerks understand.

Our facility excels in Volkswagen issue diagnosis and repair, but we also keep our customers at the forefront of our priority list. As a premier luxury automotive repair shop in Santa Barbara, we also service customers from the surrounding areas of Santa Barbara, CA.

Our technicians will step in to make sure they not only fix your problem, but they prevent it from recurring down the road. We are so sure of our workmanship and abilities that every vehicle repaired at our service repair facility is accompanied by a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty.

When your Volkswagen’s DME communication system is malfunctioning, leave it to our professionals at Santa Barbara Autowerks. Give us a call at (805) 966-3200 to schedule an appointment today. One of our friendly staff members will be waiting to chat with you about your Volkswagen vehicle concerns.

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