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Signs of Malfunctioning Transmission System in Cars

27 Jul, 19

Your transmission is an essential part of your car, and if it fails you will have a major problem. The rule of the transmission is to allow you to switch between gears easily and instantly. So when there is an issue you need to have your car checked out immediately. It is vital that you have the problem rectified before you end up with complete failure and end up stranded alongside the roadway.

Common Symptoms

Your transmission experiences a lot of wear and tear over the years, so there is bound to be a problem at some point in time. If you think that you may be having an issue with your transmission look out for these common symptoms.

Fluid Leaks

If you notice a fluid leak under your car, there is an issue somewhere. If the fluid is bright red and sweet smelling it is probably coming from your transmission. Checking your fluid level is also a good way to know if you are experiencing a leak. Unlike your engine oil, your transmission does not burn or consume fluid, so it should not be low.

Check Engine Light

When your car notices that you have an issue, it will activate the check engine light. In doing so it generates a code that your mechanic can read with a scan tool. Allowing your mechanic to run a scan will allow them to pinpoint the issue that triggered the warning light. It is also a good idea to check your coolant levels and your transmission fluid when your check engine light comes on. You do not want to continue driving your vehicle if there is a major issue that will result in further damage.

Strange Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell, this is never a good sign. Have your mechanic check it out right away because this small issue can turn to a major problem very quickly. Transmission fluid is vital for keeping the parts lubricated and keeping the transmission cool. If it is leaking fluid, it will burn itself up.

Making Sounds

If your car begins to make sounds that it shouldn’t be, it needs to be checked out. If your car has an automatic transmission that is failing you will probably hear a whining, buzzing or humming sound. If it is a manual transmission, you may hear a clunking sound instead.

Shifting Issues

In a manual transmission, you may hear a grinding sound when shifting and have a difficult time getting your transmission to go into gear. This may be a sign of a transmission issue, or your clutch may need to be adjusted.

In an automatic transmission, you may feel a shimmy or a jarring when it is changing gears. This shouldn’t occur. It should be smooth and almost unnoticeable.

Will Not Go Into Gear

If your car refuses to go into gear it could be due to transmission failure, low transmission fluid, or your shift cables and/or clutch linkage may need to be adjusted.

Slipping Gears

Your car should always stay in gear. If you are driving a manual transmission vehicle and it pops out of gear you have an issue. This can be dangerous and can cause you to lose control of your car.

Dragging Clutch

With a manual transmission, your clutch may fail to disengage. When you try to change gears the clutch will stay engaged and spin with the engine. You will hear a grinding sound when you attempt to shift. This issue is usually caused by having too much free play.

Makes Noises in Neutral

If you hear bumping sounds when your car is in neutral, this is a sign of a transmission issue. This issue is can usually be fixed by replacing the transmission fluid.

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Your transmission was designed to go into Car Transmission Check gear smoothly, so if you feel it hesitate or it refuses to engage, it’s a definite sign that something isn’t right. If you are having issues with your transmission give us a call. We are here to help you. Let our experienced staff take care of your issue so you can get back on the road. Here at Santa Barbara Autowerks, we will take care of your transmission issues as quickly and safely as possible.

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