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Signs that Your Audi’s Timing Belt is Wearing Out

29 Jan, 20

As a proud driver of an Audi, you already know its reputation for advanced engineering, exquisite design, and unsurpassed performance. While these high-performance automobiles set the bar extremely high when it comes to innovation and manufacturing, they can succumb to engine malfunctions or severe mechanical issues, just like any machinery. A very significant problem can be the breakdown of your timing belt. Let’s discuss about timing belts and look at the signs and symptoms that it is in need of repair or replacement.

What is the timing chain?

The timing chain is a vitally-important component that is found in the engine. It is responsible for the proper rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft. The chain keeps the rotation of these pieces in harmony, which allows the engine’s valves to open and close at exactly the right time. Oil keeps the chain in optimal condition. Since it is located inside the motor, it receives the proper lubrication from the engine.

Symptoms of a Defective Timing Chain

Check engine sensor on the dashboard illuminates

If your check engine light illuminates, it may be a sign of a potentially serious problem. This sensor can be triggered by a number of issues and should be addressed immediately. A faulty or malfunctioning timing chain can cause the check engine light to come on. An expert Audi mechanic can inspect, diagnose, and repair these issues.

Rattling, clicking, or odd noises when the vehicle is idling

Ideally, when your Audi is idling, it should be smooth, quiet, and peaceful. Odd sounds should be an immediate red flag that something is not functioning properly. A timing chain that is loose, wearing out, or breaking down will vibrate and shake which can lead to unusual sounds under your hood.

Metal shaving, particles, or debris in the oil

These abnormalities can only be detected during a routine oil change, which is recommended for any automobile every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. When the chain starts to wear down, minute pieces of the metal can break away and fall into the oil supply of the engine. These particles or metal shavings are extremely visible in the oil pan after the old oil is drained from the motor. While this could be a symptom of another issue, it is more likely related to a timing chain that is wearing out.

Total failure of the engine

If the timing chain breaks, it can result in catastrophic consequences. This causes the motor to completely fail and can lead to a total break down. If this takes place during the operation of your Audi, it will also cause damage to the pistons and bend the valves. Any of the above mentioned issues are devastating to the overall performance of your vehicle. It will also be an expensive problem to repair.

The engine will misfire

As your vehicle ages, the timing chain can get loose and stretch. As this happens, the chain may disrupt the timing calibration of the engine as well as cause it to skip gears. The end result will be poor performance as a misfire and a lack of horsepower from the motor.

If timing chain issues are not identified and corrected as soon as possible, the consequences can be quite serious. If at anytime you suspect such an issue, you should contact a reputable, experienced, auto service center who can locate the problem and perform the necessary repairs the chain.

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