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Symptoms of Pneumatic System Malfunction in Mercedes

26 Jun, 18

Different car manufacturers utilize current technology, concepts, and ideas in the design and engineering processes to set their vehicles apart from others by making them safer, more reliable, and efficient. A pneumatic system is one of the facets of Mercedes-Benz design that has the potential to make their cars more efficient and reliable than others on the market—if the various pneumatic devices and systems are properly cared for, that is. In this article, we’ll go over what a pneumatic system is, and what to look out for in case one or more of them fails in your car.

What is a pneumatic system?

A pneumatic system is any system which uses pressurized, compressed air or gasses for power distribution. Comparable to a hydraulic system in a few different ways, pneumatic systems use pressure to derive power from gas compounds while hydraulic systems rely on fluid compounds. Pneumatic systems have several benefits over hydraulic systems, which may include:

  • Higher reliability
  • Lower combustion risk
  • Simpler and easier to maintain

Many cars utilize pneumatic systems in their design, and have proven to be more effective over other hydraulic options. Some examples of pneumatic devices or systems may include:

  • Pressure regulators, sensors, and switches
  • HVAC system compressors
  • Braking systems
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Air suspensions
  • Actuators
  • Cylinders

Symptoms of failure in Mercedes cars

There are multiple pneumatic systems present in today’s Mercedes cars; therefore, there are a few different areas that may exhibit concerning symptoms if the pneumatic system encounters an error or malfunction. These are some of the most common areas where problems occur that Mercedes drivers experience, and are related to a pneumatic system failure:

  • Door lock malfunction
  • Seat adjustment malfunction
  • Automatic trunk opening malfunction
  • Airmatic suspension system failure

If you encounter an issue with any one of these systems in your own Mercedes, it is critical to bring your car to a Mercedes specialist right away for proper diagnosis and treatment. Some of these areas are important safety features in your car, such as the door locks, that must be reliable at all times.

Furthermore, your if the Airmatic suspension fails in your Mercedes, you’ll run into serious difficulty driving your car anywhere, as the entire body of the vehicle will rest too low to function. When a pneumatic system fails, it is usually due to a complication with one or more of the following parts:

  • Actuators
  • Pumps
  • Air motors

Performing a thorough, accurate diagnosis before attempting to repair, replace, or fix anything is crucial; it will save you money in unnecessary repair work and replacement parts, and will ensure that your Benz gets the treatment it needs to return to its optimal level of functioning.

What you can do to prevent pneumatic system failures

Depending on the model and year you drive, your Mercedes may have different servicing and care needs than other Mercedes cars. For instance, the Airmatic suspension did not occur in earlier Mercedes vehicles, but many newer models require specialized knowledge of pneumatic systems in order to provide adequate repair. Here are a few things you should do to prevent pneumatic issues and to help address them if or when they occur:

  • Find a shop that specializes in Mercedes-Benz
  • Ask your mechanic about the quality of replacement parts they use
  • Follow through with all the necessary maintenance procedures your manufacturer recommends
  • Don’t let symptoms worsen, address them immediately

A shop that specializes in Mercedes cars will have an extensive background servicing the various pneumatic systems. Furthermore, you’ll be able to collaborate with them on the best times to service your car and what types of replacement parts may be best for the problem at hand. Your Mercedes manufacturer recommends a strict maintenance schedule that may help prevent some of the common issues drivers run into with various pneumatic systems, and you should not hesitate to bring your car in for a diagnosis any time you experience troubling symptoms.

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What we can do to help

The Mercedes specialists here at Santa Barbara Autowerks in Santa Barbara, CA, have an extensive background working with Mercedes cars; therefore, we are familiar with how to diagnose and treat the various pneumatic systems these cars possess. If you own a Mercedes, it’s important to act preventively in your automotive care regimen. To learn more about our qualifications, expertise, and experience with pneumatic systems in Mercedes cars, please call us to speak to a professional.

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