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03 Nov, 22

Belts are part of a functioning Mercedes-Benz. Each belt has its own critical role in assisting the parts of the engine. One of the most important belts is the serpentine belt, also known as the drive belt.

The serpentine belt is the rubber part that functions to connect engine parts together and keep them moving. This belt also drives parts installed in your motors like the air conditioner compressor and alternator. Like any belt in your Mercedes, maintaining the proper tension in the drive belt is vital for vehicle function. The belt tensioner becomes critical at this point.

Automatic spring-loaded belt tensioners can sometimes wear out over time. Thus, it is highly important to replace the tensioner occasionally. Without proper tension, the serpentine belt can sometimes slip or wear out even faster.

The Drive Belt Tensioner

In the engine bay, the drive or serpentine belt brings together a few essential parts of your Mercedes. Physically, the belt is a long rubber loop that transfers power around to different functions of your car. Each of these is important to keep your car running the way it should.

Accessible from beneath the hood, the drive belt is found on the side of the engine in your car. (It is not to be confused with the timing belt, which is located under the engine cover.) The tensioner is a critical aspect of the drive belt.

Drive belts are smooth on one side and grooved on the other. The tensioning belt is located around different pulleys in various engine parts. It is considered the “rubber band” of the engine. Like an actual rubber band, the drive belt must have the right amounts of tension and elasticity to function properly.

Warning Signs Of A Faulty Or Failed Belt Tensioner

As with any part of your car, the belt tensioner can wear and even crack with increased mileage. It can even fail while driving if the part is not replaced when it should have been. If the serpentine belts detach from the pulleys they are connected to, terrible damage could occur in your Mercedes.

There are a few warning signs of a faulty or failed belt tensioner to look for. One of the most common among these symptoms is noise coming from the belts or the tensioner itself. When loose, the belts can make squeaking noises, especially right when you start your Mercedes.

It is also a possibility that the tensioner pulley or bearings can wear out. In this case, a grinding noise will often come from the pulley systems.

Unusual belt wear is another common problem with the drive belt tensioner. If the pulley system has a problem, it can cause atypical and increased wear on the belt. This can cause the edges of the belt to fray or even break.

Additional symptoms of a failed belt tensioner is failure of the accessories driven by the belt. Features like the alternator, water pump, and air conditioning compressor can fail if the drive belt does.

If and when the drive belt snaps due to a loose tensioner, these accessories will become disabled. This can cause further problems like overheating, a dead battery, or a broken air conditioning system.

Essentially, the problems associated with the drive belt tensioner can often multiply on top of themselves if not addressed in a timely manner.

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