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21 May, 21

As an owner of a BMW, you decided that engine performance and reliability was a necessity in your daily driving. This can be negatively impacted by ignition module malfunction. As your BMW accumulates miles and age, it may experience failures in its ignition system. Serious mechanical issues can occur if problems with the ignition module are not identified early.

Fortunately, there are warning signs for ignition module failure that you can look for. If you experience any of the following malfunctions, it is important to find a quality service center with trusted mechanics that are trained in BMW maintenance.

Your BMW’s Ignition Module

In your vehicle, the ignition module resides inside the ignition and controls the ignition coil. Whenever you start your engine, the ignition module sends a signal that will turn on the ignition coil. The coils then are able to provide enough voltage to fire the spark plugs, allowing for proper combustion and a smooth running engine.

As the ignition module is responsible for such an integral part of your BMW, its health is essential for proper performance. If there are any problems in the ignition module, your vehicle may display various changes in mechanical performance, all of which require professional assistance.

Signs Your Ignition Module Needs Repair

Typically, an initial sign that your BMW’s ignition module is malfunctioning is when your vehicle unexpectedly stalls and does not start again. When stalling occurs, you should wait a few minutes for the ignition module to cool, and then attempt to restart your car. Frequent stalling could be a result of power loss in the ignition module due to potentially-corroded electrical wiring. If you are experiencing continual stalling, be sure to seek experienced technicians for a diagnosis and repair, as a stalling engine is a danger to you on the road.

A second sign of ignition module malfunction may be poor engine performance. Your vehicle may start and continue to run, but a bad ignition module could cause misfiring of the spark plugs leading to power loss, smoking, poor gas mileage, hesitation, or a skipping or rough feeling when running. This may also lead to a check-engine or service-engine-soon light illuminated on your BMW’s instrument cluster.

Additionally, if your ignition control module is overheating, you may experience some of these same issues. Overheating can also be intensified by hot weather, which can place serious stress on a failing ignition module. These problems should not be overlooked, so if you begin to notice changes in vehicle performance, you will need to bring your vehicle to an experienced technician to ensure that long-term issues don’t arise.

Maintaining Ignition Module Health

In order to make sure that the ignition system of your BMW is functioning properly, it is necessary for regular maintenance checks to be performed. Along with your normal service appointments, regular ignition system checks can prevent future malfunctions. Having routine inspections can offer preventative measures that will save you the hassle of expensive repairs.

A skilled mechanic will inspect your car and look for corroded or worn electrical wires leading from the ignition module to the battery. They will also scan your vehicle for any possible trouble codes caused by a failing ignition system. This will be the most effective method of preventative care for your BMW.

Replacing the Ignition Module

After noticing the symptoms of ignition module failure, it is important to have your vehicle serviced by a technician who is BMW Ignition Coil Replacement experienced with BMW maintenance and repair. If it is necessary to replace your ignition module, you’ll want to find a service center that is committed to the long lasting reliability of your vehicle.

At Santa Barbara Autowerks, our professional mechanics are certified to examine your ignition system thoroughly to identify any problems. Your vehicle’s long-term health is important to us, and we are dedicated to maintaining the high quality performance of your BMW.

The technicians at Santa Barbara Autowerks are eager to use their knowledge, training, and experience to ensure that every part of your BMW functions at a high level. Whether you need a routine maintenance check or an emergency repair, our service center in Santa Barbara, CA is ready to help you have the best experience possible.

German auto care is our passion, and with reliable and honest service, we will help keep your BMW the Ultimate Driving Machine you expect. Call us today for an appointment.

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