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Tips to Avoid Overheating the Power Steering Pump in Your Mercedes

27 May, 20

Mercedes are sleek, sophisticated, timeless powerhouses built to last. They are dependable, durable, and offer high performance at higher safety standards. One of the maintenance issues you may encounter in the lifetime of your Mercedes is an overheating power steering pump.

Power steering pumps are one of the luxuries of modern-day life that have come to feel like a necessity. If you’ve ever driven a vehicle without a power steering pump, then you know the struggle of directing a half-ton vehicle without electronic or mechanic aid. Not only is it difficult, but if you can’t leverage the proper upper body strength to keep up, then it can become downright dangerous. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your vehicle and note immediately if something is amiss.

The Convenience of Steering Pumps

The power steering pump is a hydraulic or electronic system that reduces the difficulty of trying to turn your wheel unassisted.

Essentially, steering is a mechanical process. When you turn the wheel, the steering shaft turns a circular gear called a pinion, which is attached to a rack. When this rack moves, your wheels move left or right with it, allowing you to turn. Unaided, this process has the ability to give you all the benefits of going to the gym without getting a membership, but thanks to the power steering system, driving is much easier.

Hydraulic systems consist of a rack and pinion gear or recirculating ball steering gear. These attach to the power steering pump, which forces pressurized fluid through the hydraulic system. This fluid actually transmits power due to the great pressure, which means you have to assert less power on your end to make your wheels turn.

Electric power steering (EPS) is simpler and does not require any fluid. An EPS system uses a small electric motor at the base of the steering column or attached to the steering rack. EPS systems are better for your fuel economy, as they don’t take advantage of your engine’s power to turn.

Causes of an Overheated Power Pump

There are a few different factors that can cause an overheated steering pump, including:

Pinched lines

If the pressure side line of your power steering pump gets pinched or twisted, the pressure in the line backs up, which can cause your power steering fluid to overheat.

Low fluids

If you have a leak in your system, low power steering fluid levels can easily overheat due to not having enough liquid to properly disperse the extreme heat of your engine. This can actually cause your power steering fluid to boil, which reduces its effectiveness and longevity.

Hard driving

If you’re rough on your vehicle, and especially if you drive with a lot of back-and-forth see-sawing on your steering wheel, it’s possible to directly cause your rack-and-pinion system to overheat.


There are a few ways that you can prevent overheating of your power steering system.

Drive easy

Rough driving is one of the easiest ways to manually overheat your engine’s power steering system. Practicing safe driving and being gentle with your Mercedes will improve outcomes and longevity.

Keep your power steering fluid topped off

Low power steering fluid in hydraulic systems is one of the biggest threats to your power steering system. Make sure to check your fluid levels regularly and top off as needed.

Regular maintenance and tune-ups

Sticking to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule will allow your trusted mechanic to catch issues as they start, rather than when the part is totaled.

Address new concerns with your mechanic immediately

If you suspect you have issues with your power steering, don’t wait until your next checkup. Make an appointment to bring your vehicle in immediately.

Where to Get Your Mercedes’ Power Steering Fixed

If you notice that your Mercedes is Mercedes Power Steering Pump Issue Check experiencing issues with its power steering, and especially if you suspect that the system is dangerously overheating, bring your car in to Santa Barbara Autowerks of Santa Barbara, CA today. We handle all major repairs and replacements and offer a 2-year, 24,000-mile warranty on all qualifying parts and service.

When you bring your Mercedes in to Santa Barbara Autowerks, you can rest assured your vehicle is only placed in the best of hands from driving into our garage to pulling off the lot.

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