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Tips to Fix a Window Regulator Failure in Your Volkswagen

22 May, 22

Volkswagen is tough and reliable, and it also gets high marks when it comes to design, performance, and overall quality. Maintenance is a must as the mileage builds up. Aside from regular wear and tear, you should be on the lookout for specific difficulties and breakdowns if you own a Volkswagen.

When you are aware of the issues, you can quickly get your vehicle to a professional who can diagnose and repair the problem. Window regulator failure is one of the problems you’ll face if you own a Volkswagen. The motor that permits your windows to roll up and down is known as the window regulator.

Window regulators are hidden below the door panel, out of sight and mind, until they fail. In some cars, the window motor and window regulator are packaged together and come as one unit; whereas, in others, the window motor is separate. The two types of window regulators are the cable type and the gear-drive type.

A window regulator does not need to be adjusted or maintained. If it fails, the failed part or the whole unit must be replaced.

Common Causes of a Window Regulator Problem

  • Cold temperature is one of the causes of the window regulator problem. In cold temperatures, the window may freeze in a closed position. The window may separate from the regulator.
  • Odd noises: Due to worn-out cable guides or a frayed window regulator cable, strange noises can be heard while the window is moving. For this reason, the window may not go up or down all the way.
  • Overheating: Raising and lowering the window frequently can cause overheating, putting unnecessary stress on the components over time if done consistently. Normal wear can also lead to an overheating window power motor.

Easy to Spot Signs of a Window Regulator Failure

There are a few indicators that the window regulator is failing. If you are experiencing any of these issues, get your Volkswagen inspected by a certified professional as soon as possible.

  • Speed problems: When you roll the window up or down, the speed may increase or decrease. When Volkswagen designed their regulator, the speed was carefully adjusted to guarantee that the glass is not damaged. If the speed changes, it could cause the glass to break. This is why it is best to address the problem as soon as possible.
  • Anormal noise: When the window is moving up or down, it should be nearly noiseless. Any unusual noises in your VW is cause for alarm, but with the windows, it could be an early symptom of a failing regulator. The noises may sound like clicking, grinding, or chattering.
  • Problems closing it: If the window rises slowly, jams crooked, or doesn’t close fully, you will have to seek help from our shop to fix this problem. Window motors deteriorate with age, and when they fail, they may provide a slower spin. When the regulator begins to show symptoms of wear, your window may glide up and down more slowly than normal, or it could become off kilter if a cable brakes due to uneven motor use.
  • Broken motor: If the window motor runs but the window doesn’t move, your regular is most likely not functioning anymore.

When you are aware of these issues, you can quickly bring your Volkswagen to our trusted mechanics, who will diagnose and repair the problem for you affordably.

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