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Tips to Fix Differential Failure in Your Mercedes From the Best in Santa Barbara

01 Apr, 21

Owning a Mercedes is a great achievement and one you have certainly earned. Mercedes set the standard for luxury, and you know that you are getting the best vehicle out there when you invest in a Mercedes. Each Mercedes comes uniquely designed one the inside, outside, and under the hood. The performance level of every Mercedes is a cut above the rest, and you can expect it to be that way the entire life of your Mercedes.

As you own your Mercedes for a longer period of time, some parts will begin to show signs of aging. One of those parts is the differential. Below, you will find information about the differential itself, how to identify issues with the differential, and what signs you can look for that point to issues with the differential.

What is the differential and what does it do?

Every Mercedes has a differential. The differential is located in either the front or the back of the vehicle. Your Mercedes may also have a differential in the front and the back, depending on if you have all-wheel drive or not. The differential controls the speed of the wheels when making a turn. When turning, the differentials are responsible for transferring different amounts of power and speed to each of the wheels that is it connected to.

A good example of the differential in use is when you are turning. The exterior wheel will need to turn at a faster speed than the interior wheel, because that wheel has a greater amount of distance to cover. So the differential is responsible for giving more power and speed to the exterior wheel and less power and speed to the interior wheel.

Identifying a Differential Failure in your Mercedes

Before you can begin to fix the differential in your Mercedes, you should know how to identify if there is an issue or not. If your Mercedes is still operational, you will want to drive it on a low-trafficked road with the radio off and the windows down. Then you will drive your Mercedes at high and low speeds, and also stopping and slowing down. You will then write down every noise and vibrations you hear and feel.

At this point, it will be best to have someone with you who can either drive or write down what you are hearing. This will keep you safe as you identify the different sounds and vibrations. Ensure that you write down the location of each sound as well. You will want to know what side each sound is coming from. Sitting in every seat of the vehicle will also help you in pinpointing the location of the noises.

Common Issues with the Differential

After you have identified where the noises and/or vibrations are coming from, it helps to know some of the common causes and issues of differential failure. One issue that may present itself is worn carrier bearings. The carrier bearings help to support your Mercedes, and if they are being worn down, then it will cause your vehicle to rumble or make whining noises. Another indication of worn bearings is that while turning, the noise will change to a different pitch.

A second and third issue that you should be aware of has to do with the pinion. When the pinion bearing is loose, it will make a howling sound during deceleration as you are changing gears. The pinion may also be broken, and you will know this because your Mercedes will make a clicking or clunking sound while you are in motion.

Fixing the Differential

Once you are able to identify the origin of the differential problem, and after you have an idea of the cause, Mercedes Differential Repair it is time to fix it. Unless you are extremely comfortable in the world of Mercedes, it is best to leave this repair to the professionals. Here at Santa Barbara Autowerks, we are trained and certified in all types of German vehicles. We are easily accessible from the areas of Goleta, Montecito, Ventura, and Santa Barbara, CA. You will be able to schedule an appointment in no time.

When you bring your Mercedes in to us, we will use the latest tools and equipment in order to properly diagnose where the differential failure is located. We keep all parts and equipment in-house so we are able to do those repairs for you at our locations at a fraction of dealership prices. We aim to serve and ensure that you leave happy and satisfied with the service we provide for your Mercedes.

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