Audi Illuminated Check Engine Light

What To-Do When Your Audi Check Engine Light Comes On

05 Mar, 24

The check engine light is something that can start flashing when least expected. Below, we share some of the prominent reasons behind the illumination of this warning indicator. It’s important to inspect your vehicle’s oil pressure, engine temperature, and ensure all your sensors are functioning properly. If there’s any issues, your check engine light could be signaling a repair.

Factors That Turn Your Check Engine Light On:

Reason #1- Faulty EVAP system

Modern cars come equipped with all sorts of different emission control devices to meet emission standards — EVAP system being the most important one. EVAP or Evaporative Emissions Control essentially prevents evaporation of fuel from the gas tank. A flaw in one of these parts can cause gasoline fumes to escape and result in your check engine light turning on.

Reason #2- Defective sensor

The ECU relies on a bunch of sensors to determine how much fuel should be delivered to the engine and when the spark plugs should fire. The oxygen sensor, MAF sensor, and throttle position sensor are some of the most crucial sensors in helping the onboard computer regulate different aspects of the engine operation. Your Audi will battle an array of performance issues should one of these sensors malfunction and the check engine light may come on.

Reason #3- Defective catalytic converter

Made up of precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium, the catalytic converter is entrusted with the job of reducing the toxicity of exhaust emissions. Should your Audi’s catalytic converter clog up, pressure within the system will shoot up. Increased back pressure would contribute to an array of different drivability problems including sluggish performance, increased fuel consumption, and an illuminated engine warning light.

Reason #4- Low oil pressure

Another possible explanation as to why your Audi’s check engine light may start flashing is reduced oil pressure. For an internal combustion engine to generate mechanical torque from thermal energy, optimal oil pressure is necessary. If the oil pump malfunctions or the oil filter clogs up, pressure within the system will plunge. Plummeted oil pressure may adversely impact the engine’s overall efficiency — a leading cause for the check engine light.

Reason #5- Engine overheating

If your Audi engine is at the brink of overheating, the onboard diagnostic system may activate the check engine light. These internal efforts are made to address the issue before it turns into an expensive repair. So if your engine’s temperature gauge is reading high and its check engine light is on, have its cooling system checked by a trusted professional.

Audi Check Engine Light On: What Should I Do?

#1- Pull over immediately

If your Audi’s check engine light starts flashing, pull over immediately. If you leave it the way it is and decide to keep driving, you may end up with more damage and a pricier repair. If the light is on because of overheating, shutting down the engine for a few minutes will also give the engine enough time to cool down.

#2- Checking concerned parts

An issue as insignificant as a loose gas cap can trigger the check engine light in a vehicle. So if your Audi’s signal is on, consider checking the gas cap. Your vehicle’s spark plugs, fuel injectors, and other parts should also be inspected to determine if they’re faulty.

#3- Using OBD-II scanner

If you have access to an OBD-II scanner, resetting your Audi’s check engine light will be easy as pie. All you have to do is to connect the scanner to the concerned port and turn on the ignition. Next, access the error code stored in the fault memory and erase it. You can also visit the nearest service center to get the issue handled by our certified professionals.

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