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When a BMW Car Shows Poor Performance

13 Nov, 17

When you purchased your BMW, you invested in one of the highest-standard engineered automobiles on the market. If you own or drive a Bimmer, chances are you have a deep respect for what these vehicles are capable of. Luxury, performance, endurance, durability, and longevity are only some of the words we can think of that are synonymous with the BMW brand. However, BMWs are just like every other vehicle in some respects; they require care and attention in order to perform optimally, and things can still go wrong.

When you notice that your BMW is showing poor performance, it can be disheartening and upsetting—after all, you invested in the brand because they deliver on impressive performance standards. Luckily, if you find the right BMW specialist, you can have issues diagnosed and repaired quickly and accurately at an affordable cost. There are many ways that you may notice your BMW’s performance being lowered, and some are more concerning than others; however, whatever the symptom, it is always best to have diagnostic procedures and inspections performed as early as possible before the problem affects other areas of the vehicle. Here are some potential performance-related issues you may encounter in your BMW:

Electrical Issues

Some of the most common BMW issues occur in some of the interior electrical systems. For instance, the windshield wipers, window regulators, and door locks are electronically-dependent. Although they may seem like minor parts to encounter issues with, they can be quite inconvenient, and at times even dangerous. If you notice that your windshield wipers aren’t functioning properly, your windows get stuck, or your door locks are not responding to your key fob, you may need to have an electrical specialist repair the issues. It is optimal to have a BMW-trained specialist perform the repairs. Although these concerns are independent of other vital engine functions, they can still become safety concerns that should be addressed quickly.

Lowered Fuel Efficiency

One of the biggest indicators that your BMW may be suffering from a malfunction or faulty part is fuel economy. If your gas mileage sudden climbs or is not as efficient as it was when you initially purchased the car, there is likely a performance-related issue occurring that has gone undiagnosed. Changes in fuel efficiency might be sudden or more gradual—in either case it’s important to have the problem checked out by a professional as soon as possible. Fuel efficiency is affected by many different aspects of vehicle functioning including tire health and motor oil quality. Routine oil changes, tire rotations, wheel alignments, and other regular maintenance procedures can help improve your BMW’s performance and increase fuel efficiency.

Cooling System Problems

Your BMW’s cooling system is critical in order to keep the engine functioning at the highest level of performance. The cooling system is made up of intricate parts including hoses, belts, seals, and other small but vital components. In BMWs in particular, it is not uncommon to experience cooling system issues which can inevitably lead to coolant leaks or engine overheating. Cracked hoses, corroded or leaking seals, and radiator issues cause your engine to not be able to adequately regulate its temperature. Unfortunately, even more serious issues can occur the longer these problems go unrepaired. To save money on further damages, you should have your cooling system inspected on regular automotive visits. Following your BMW manufacturer-recommended schedule of maintenance can help decrease your repair costs over the lifetime of your car and can prevent problems like engine overheating from occurring.

Our Passion for BMWs

The professionals here at Santa Barbara Autowerks have an extensive BMW M3 Tachometer background in diagnosing and repairing BMW issues. Located in Santa Barbara, California, we serve a wide range of BMW drivers, satisfying our passion for and expertise in German-engineered vehicles. We recognize BMWs as one of the most impressive luxury performance automobiles on the road and we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients experience their BMW at its best performance levels at all times. We offer our services as an alternative to dealership-performed maintenance and repair because we believe that all BMW drivers should be able to afford ongoing care for their cars. Our prices are significantly lower than the nearby dealerships, and we provide the same expertise with more depth in knowledge and skill. For more information about the services we provide, contact us to speak to a professional. We appreciate your commitment to excellence, both in your choice of automobile and those you choose to trust it with.

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