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Where to Get Your BMW’s Fuel Injector Serviced in Santa Barbara

01 Sep, 20

There are few cars as sturdy and reliable as a BMW, but even the sturdiest of vehicles can run into problems under the hood. Proper maintenance is the best way to ensure the longevity of your car and also the best way to keep you in that driver’s seat you love.

Inside the hood of your BMW, the fuel injectors are important components in the overall performance of your car. If you suspect that your fuel injectors are having issues, it is best to take the car in right away. As with anything, it is best to leave servicing problems to the professionals.

Fuel Injectors

Put simply, you could not drive your car for long without working fuel injectors. The fuel injection system in your car either works directly or indirectly. Regardless of your vehicle manufacturing, the fuel injectors are critical to both processes.

In modern cars, electronic fuel injectors have sensors built in that can measure a variety of factors. From pressure levels to air intake temperatures, the electronic fuel injectors are positioned specifically in the engine bay at just the right point.

When necessary, they spray just the right amount of fuel into the engine cylinders to be used for the combustion process. If you accelerate rapidly or slowly bring up your speed, a component of your vehicle’s computer system will automatically calculate how much fuel needs to be injected. This amount is then sent to the injector, the valves open, and the exact amount is injected into the engine bay.

Should your fuel injectors go bad, you likely wouldn’t even be able to drive the car. Let’s look at a few of the most common signs you should look out for in regards to a potentially bad fuel injector.

Signs of Bad Fuel Injectors

Check Engine Light

The most obvious sign when something is wrong with your vehicle is always the check engine light. Seeing this light glow means you should pull over right away. Even if the symptom isn’t your fuel injector, something is wrong under the hood and your BMW needs to be serviced.

Bad Fuel Economy

As mentioned, the fuel injectors send just the right amount of fuel to the cylinders as calculated by the vehicle’s computer. If your fuel injectors are acting up, it is very likely they will send the wrong amounts of fuel to the engine bay. Should they send too much, you may see a worse gas mileage than your accustomed to.

Fuel Leak

Sometimes the problem with the fuel injectors is not a problem with the amount of fuel being let into the engine. Occasionally, there may be a disconnect between the compartment the fuel travels through and the injectors. When this occurs, you may not fuel leaking under the hood or even smell the unmistakable stench of gasoline.

Rough Idle

When the fuel injectors go bad, your engine may not be getting the amount of fuel it needs to maintain a smooth idle. Sputtering fuel injectors cannot transfer the proper amounts of fuel and this will lead to an extremely rough idle.

The Need for Replacement

Fuel is released into the cylinders of your engine via the fuel injectors. If you do not replace your fuel injectors when they are faulty, besides the risk of an extremely rough ride, you may also compromise the combustion process under the hood of your BMW. This will drastically reduce the performance you have come to enjoy in your vehicle and make your overall experience an unpleasant one.

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