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Why is Your Mercedes MAF Sensor Giving Inaccurate Readings?

11 May, 20

Mercedes vehicles were built for outstanding performance, which is complemented by a lush interior. We know that keeping your Mercedes this way is a priority for you. Any malfunctioning part should be addressed quickly to maintain the status quo of your driving experience.

One such part that cannot be ignored when it begins to give inaccurate readings is the MAF sensor. This piece of equipment helps to keep the engine of your Mercedes functioning at its optimal level. Without the MAF sensor, your Mercedes could run too rich or too lean. Both of these options are unacceptable, and you’ll find out why below.

Purpose of the MAF Sensor in Your Mercedes

The Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF sensor) is a crucial part of your Mercedes because it is in charge of reading the intake of air into the engine. Once the reading is done, the MAF sensor reports back to the computer in your Mercedes. From these readings, your Mercedes will then decide whether or not the air in the engine needs to be adjusted. The correct amount of air needs to be in the engine at all times because the engine requires a specific balance of air and fuel in order to run properly and efficiently.

The most common type of MAF sensor is the hot wire MAF sensor. The way this sensor works is by measuring and keeping track of the amount of air current that is required to keep the temperature wire at or above 90 degrees. This air current is then calculated into a measurement of air mass, and based on this, the computer is able to tell if the air intake is too much or too little.

Signs of a Faulty MAF Sensor

The MAF sensor is a small part that plays a large role in the overall function of your Mercedes. When this sensor begins to give inaccurate readings, it is time to have the MAF sensor looked at by a professional. Before you get to that conclusion, you have to be aware of the signs your Mercedes will give you if the MAF sensor is starting to fail.

One sign of a MAF sensor failure is the engine running either lean or rich, never at the optimal level. An engine that runs lean means that the air-fuel mixture has too much air and not enough fuel.

On the other hand, if an engine is running rich, then the air-fuel mixture has too much fuel and not enough air. Both of these instances can be damaging to your Mercedes.

The main way to tell if the engine is running lean or rich is through the fuel economy. If you are having to fill up more frequently than normal, your fuel economy is off and this may be due to the MAF sensor giving inaccurate readings.

Another sign that there is an issue with the MAF sensor in your Mercedes is stalling. When the MAF sensor completely breaks down, the computer is no longer able to receive accurate readings or any readings at all. This will leave the air intake into the engine unmanaged and this is when stalling will occur.

The incorrect amount of air may cause stalling because the engine requires a certain amount of air, and without it, it will have trouble functioning smoothly with no interruptions.

Repairing or Replacing the MAF Sensor in Your Mercedes

When you notice either of the above-mentioned signs of a faulty MAF sensor, it is time to bring your Mercedes in for repair. Mercedes MAF Sensor Check If left unchecked, the malfunctioning MAF sensor has the potential to negatively affect the other parts in and around the engine.

At Santa Barbara Autowerks in Santa Barbara, CA, we have professionally-trained staff who will properly diagnose the issues with your Mercedes. Not only will we repair the faulty MAF sensor, but we pride ourselves in standing out from other shops because we look at your vehicle as a whole. We don’t just want to repair your vehicle for today, we also want to ensure that your Mercedes continues to run properly tomorrow and in the future. We are committed to your vehicle for the long haul, just as you are. We see treating your Mercedes as an investment, one that will keep you on the road for a lifetime. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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